What causes moods swings?

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Many people experience episodes of unexpected, overwhelming and uncontrollable moods that can stretch from one extreme to another: From pleasant and exhilarating  to unpleasant and dark. These unpredictable emotional states, that are distressing and frustrating for both the suffer and their loved-ones, are often associated with hormone fluctuations. Hormones are designed to exaggerate emotions in order to spur us on into action. They therefore ‘bring out’, rather than cause, any dysfunctional imbalanced feelings, that are already setup inside us, underneath the surface of our conscious mind.

If this patterning establishes itself into chronic and insurmountable condition, it is labeled Bi-polar Disorder.  Extreme cases of emotional turmoil could result in episodes of  psychosis whereby the sufferer feels that their reality is like an uncontrollable dream state. What is happening here is that the tumultuous emotions are projected into their outer reality, when the nervous system (the brain being part of this) can no longer rationalise and therefore contain the internal ‘pressure’ of these subjective emotions.

Un-tethered and exaggerated feelings make the sufferer feel out of control

The standard treatment methods are mood stabilizers that are neural inhibitors that in one form or other will de-sensitize the sufferer from the raw emotional charges. The purpose is to ensure that they not act on these extreme emotions leading to risky, destructive, or even suicidal thoughts, actions or behaviours. This then will keep them and those around them out of harm.

The downside of this  treatment is that the medication can disconnect the patient from their feelings, both good and  bad. This then makes them less aware of their own personal preferences. Our subjective feelings about things such as like and dis-likes can help us decide what is right for us. This enables us to make positive improvements in our personal circumstances – see “Let your heart be your GPS”.

I am not here to make judgments or offer advice on how to handle treatment choices that the sufferer has to make. It is after all their journey and it would be dis empowering for anyone to take away their own authority!

Neural inhibitors work by reducing your ability feel

The clients that come to me want find a solution beyond sickness management. Here, we bring about freedom from the underlying cause of the problem. We do it by helping the sufferer re-connect and access hidden qualities inside themselves, that will enable them to live from a more secure, balanced and whole (healed) place. This is transformation whereby the client will become a more effective version of themselves.

We don’t manage symptoms, we transform the person

Here’s how it works:

I use the four element framework featured in most ancient philosophies. Each element represents one aspect of ourselves. The four together make the complete person.


WATER    ———————-|———————— FIRE


WATER – represents our emotions and it’s ability to flow gives us connection with ourselves and others. It’s opposite element is:

FIRE – represents our actions and it’s ability to target gives us goals and empowerment.

AIR – represents our thinking and it’s elevation gives us freedom and objectivity. It’s opposite element is:

EARTH – represents our physicality and it’s solidity gives us stability and security.

For full functionality, we have to balance out the four aspects of ourselves

Someone who suffers from mood swings is stuck in the water element, (see the water element in how to achieve a balance life). The individual has become too focused on their feelings at the expense other possibilities such as just ‘being’ (earth), objective thinking (air), or acting on inspiration or instinct (fire). Our natural healing mechanism wants to correct that imbalance, so it automatically swings into the opposite element, which in this case is fire.

So we start to see lows when they are in water with feelings that overwhelm them with sadness and grief, to highs when they are in fire with excitement and passion. Because these elements are opposites, if left to their own devises is just keep attracting and then repelling each other as the sufferer is not fully embodying the AIR (Objective thinking) and Earth (stability) elements. Then maintains disharmony and instability within the sufferer.

Think of the sufferer swooshing around all at sea – which is the sea of emotions – Their  feet can’t reach the bottom for security (Earth) and they haven’t got a map (which abstract thinking Air can offer them) are not seeing land on the horizon. They therefore don’t know which way to swim and can only cling onto flotsam and jetsam that happens to be passing (which are people close to them or even just random ideas, such as heresay, superstitions, googling, social media, etc. that they pick up on the way in the attempt to find security there). They are too immersed in the world of possibilities and cannot anchor themselves in the plain facts of the here and now that is only available if they reach inside themselves, and not externally.

 Moods swings are caused by an inability to access objectivity and security in a time of crisis

How to solve the problem:

Due to social conditioning, genetic programming and past emotional upsets, we hold internal resistances to connect with all our natural faculties represented by the 4 elements. So in this case, someone with moods swings holds unconscious resistance to being able to be fully present this physical stability that is available only now (Earth) and be able to plan where they want to take themselves through objective thinking (Air), rather than feel like a victim. This will enable inner security and ownership of ones life.

In my practice we take away these resistances in two ways:

1. Individually prescribed homeopathic remedies

These can release the resistances within the neural patterning to better thoughts and actions, so that the patient can without effort access these better way and habits.

For example:

Medhorrinum – this takes away the belief that we are responsible for other’s happiness and they of ours that underlies co-dependence, that keeps most emotional people in a constant flux.

Merc. cor. – that takes away a controlling and corrosive inner critic. This mind judge is making you feel bad about your natural ability to feel emotions strongly because the ‘negative mind’ does not like the feeling of inner instability. This, incidentally, is a key remedy for helping to eliminate the underlying mental cause of anorexia. 

Homeopathic remedies reprogram our nervous system to think and act in a less limited way

2. Releasing pictures held in our subconscious

These have been placed there by emotional  imprinting, so that the sufferer plays out old dramas that no longer serve them.

By using my unique visualisation exercises that I take my client through, the sufferer will start becoming a more functional ‘character’ in the drama of life. See “Are you getting what you want out of life”.

These exercises are now available for secure purchase in downloadable MP3 format here:

Release Emotional Upsets –  8 GBP

We need to release emotional imprinting to stop acting out old dramas

Here are some more practical exercises that will achieve this inner connection to more objectivity and security:

1. Cultivate non-attachment.

Pick up 7 items laying around the house, some valuable some less so – pen, mobile phone, treasured book, jewelry etc . Holding each one in turn, ask yourself if I lost this forever, would I still be ok? The answer will always ultimately be YES – you will still be alive, breathing and ready to live another day, even though you may feel upset or annoyance. Then progress to people that you know. Without wishing them harm, we can realise that we can be ok without constant attachment and relationship.

This can enable us to discover a new security within ourselves so we can start to free ourselves from having to keep worrying about people and things, that are ultimately beyond our control. With this, we gain ‘bandwidth’ to pay more attention to our own needs.  Don’t worry, this won’t turn you into a hermit – it will instead make you more fun to be around, because others won’t sense your neediness! This then enables you to ‘lighten up’ as you interact with the world.

This way you gain more security in your own being. (Earth element)

2. Use your power of imagination to anchor better feelings in your body.

Imagine your perfect day. If time and money were no issue, see yourself in your perfect day: there is no need for specifics, like where who what, but rather gather general impressions: You could reach for a wonderful childhood memory. What are the qualities that you treasure most? Freedom? Excitement? Warmth and comfort? Creativity? See the scene in from of you now – just get the impressions that it holds, people, scenery, trees, beach, house, movement, etc. Then start to fully immerse yourself in it. How would you be? What would it feel like? Feel that in your body – start to notice a sense of ease, lightness and warmth, maybe even a tingling aliveness.

The more you pay attention to both what you see and how that feels in your body, the deeper we are re-programming the nervous system to make this your ‘new normal’. Once we can access this better feeling, we can never fully go back to darkness and misery, because your body is now consciously holding a better option. When you fall back into the dark world of past negative experiences, your body’s sensations will be able to pull you back from the brink.

This will help your ability to know what is right for you and you will becomes less likely to buy into thoughts and concepts that do not serve you.

This enables you to become your own authority (Air Element).

If you have any comments, any feedback, or would like to book a session with me, I’d love to hear from you!


When life becomes a pain….


There are many ongoing dis-ease conditions both physical and emotional that people suffer from nowadays that require permanent pain control:

In the light of increasing prescribed and self-medicated pain relief addictions, this article is going to look at how we can get beyond pain control. Not only will this solve the root of the problem, but give you more energy and a greater ability live life the way you want it to be.

One typical disease such as this is fibromyalgia – various painful sensations and sensitivities anywhere in the body. Although it can be managed with de-sensitising pain relief such as medication, ‘positive thinking’, relaxation techniques including visualisation and water therapy, the pain however still remains. Medical science does to not understand the cause of this condition and can therefore not clarify a route forward for sufferers.

So many are locked into a miserable cycle of chronic ailments with no sign of cure.

In energy medicine we understand that chronic or unresolvable disease symptoms are the result of two opposing forces locked in stalemate, after an attempt to correct an imbalance – because our systems have an in-built mechanism to maintain haemostasis (balance) in order to keep us healthy and strong.

What are these two opposing forces?

The first is your life force that wants clear dis-ease (or dis-harmony) out of your bio-energetic system so that you experience better well-being or health (harmony). This force however can be opposed by our conditioned responses that occur in our nervous system (a wiring that conducts our life-force), that block the energy to come through in the right way.

So for example, if someone is upset, but does not dis-charge the energy of that negative emotion through crying or attending to their emotional needs, by blocking it and ‘sweeping it under the carpet’, where do you think that pent-up emotion (energy in motion) goes? Into the unconscious part of us which is……the body. We use our body as a dustbin for all the unprocessed and therefore unresolved negative feelings, in the hope that we’ll never have to look at the  again!? Wrong! When someone does this, it is because they have been conditioned through survival programming to deny their own bad feelings because of many possible reasons, for example:

  • People would think they are miserable and not fun and would therefore not like them so much and not be with them.
  • People will take advantage of them as they would be displaying signs of weakness.

So one can see that the survival program forces you to choose safety over happiness: Survive or Thrive?

So over some time, if a person represses emotional pain from a number of incidents or unhappy ongoing situations in their life, the bio-energetic system of their body will have to hold more emotional charge. This is when the vital energy has to start trying to ‘discharge’ this increasingly problematic charge that will block the positive functioning or that person, just like a battery. If the life-force is successful, because the person has succumbed to it and ignored the social programming, they will have a good cry, and look at the cause of that upset, and how they could correct their thoughts and actions to create a better outcome in their lives. That would possibly mean breaking some of that social programming in favour of keeping their systems clear of pent-up emotional charges.

An example may be a person may have an ongoing situation where they are bullied or demeaned. They are too frightened to challenge or express anger because they believe that the person has power over them, either they could take something away, or not provide some them. Instead of remaining ‘present in their body’ sothat they can immediately sense that this is more damaging to them than any outside influence, they allow their fear of future outcomes to govern their response.

We all have many years of  pent-up emotional charges inside us and here is a way to discharge them: Pain is nature’s way of drawing attention to the body. When you pay attention to something, it receives more vital energy:

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

The problem with pain killers is that we block that diversion of attention, so that your body cannot heal. To illustrate my point here, I’ll use an event that happened to me: I was suffering from severe menstrual cramps and have always known that pain killers will block that healing, and I took it once stage further, by remaining fully present to the pain, no matter how excruciating it was.

Another thing to remember is that our nervous system is automated to run away from pain, and run towards pleasure. Thus most people are stuck in a cycle of compulsive fear and desire, never resolving their problem.

So what happened next was really surprising: I had managed to transcend the fear of pain and desire for relief, and got myself into a state of equanimity or “ok-ness no matter what”. It was at that point, that the intense pain turned into something completely different, like a flick of a switch, into a warm wave of loving, healing energy that felt incredibly pleasant!

What I gauged from this was that in my relationships, I have always neglected my own feelings thereby suppressing self-love! The act of paying attention to the pain in my body, just like a mother holding a crying baby and allowing it to express it’s pain, was an act of self-love. This then sets up a harmonious relationship within yourself that can enable your life-force to heal you now and protect you from future dis-ease.

My advice to anyone suffering from long-term pain, is to pay attention to that pain, by sensing it, without distraction from the mind. This includes not meditating and visualising, because that is running away  and managing it. If there are tears then you are releasing somatised (or embodied) emotional pain. This is a good thing, don’t allow your mind to tell you otherwise.

This exercise, transcends resistance and that is the ONLY cause of disease.


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How to achieve a more balanced life – Take the Quiz


I  clarify and map out  my client’s PATH TO WELLNESS through a four elements system.

The key to good health and wellbeing is how effective our life-force can flow through our bio-energetic systems. That is determined by how balanced our systems are functioning. A simple way to evaluate what is happening we can categorise how we are currently functioning and then correct any imbalances.

Each of the four elements embody different qualities and they display the four fundamental ways in which your life-force can express itself through you.

Our individual natural tendencies predominate in one of the four elements. But when they become too imbalanced, then dis-ease will result, because it inhibits the full expression of our life-force through our bio-energetic systems.

This quiz will help you understand your natural elemental expression state and what to do to get yourself in balance, taking you on the road to better health and well-being.



There are four sections – each with 7 questions. Add up the number of ‘yes’ answers you give for each one. The section with the most yes will give you your element below in the Answers.

Section 1:

Do you normally feel sensitive to other people’s feelings?

Do you enjoy the arts, writing, music to relax?

Do you worry that you are not attractive enough?

Do you find it difficult to say no, because you’d feel guilty?

Do you tend to feel sad when upset?

Do you find it difficult to throw old things away?

Section 2:

Are you goal orientated or competitive by nature?

Your predominating negative feeling is irritation, frustration or anger?

Do you tend to become impatient if things don’t get done?

Do you prioritise planning for the future?

Are your gut instincts good?

Do you enjoy risk taking, in business or socially?

Do you get bored easily?

Section 3

Are you a natural day dreamer?

Would you say you’re good at being objective and detached?

Do you have a perfectionist streak?

Do you find you have lot of good ideas but don’t always follow them through?

Do you find that your sense of humour breaks down social barriers?

Do like to find better ways of doing things?

Do you like to share your wealth of information with others?

Section 4

Are you methodical and measured in the way that you do things?

Do you tend to feel anxious in new or unfamiliar places or people?

Do you feel most comfortable in homely and familiar surroundings?

Do you have a gift to create beautiful things – gardening, interior design, packaging, architecture, etc.

Are you even-tempered, but when pushed, stubborn?

Do you tend to enjoy activities and food that feed the senses?

Do you prioritise planning your material and financial security?


Pick the section the you answered the most yeses to :

Section 1  – your main expression is WATER.

The WATER element represents our emotions driven by our sub-conscious. It is the yielding or feminine aspect of ourselves.

The qualities are expressed through nurturing, visual creativity such as art and dreaming, empathy, loving, giving, psychic abilities.

If WATER predominates too much resulting diseases could include:

Psychologically the person feels overwhelmed, resentful, passive-aggressive, grief-stricken emotionally and mood swings.

Physical symptoms  circulation problems, chest and throat complaints, over-production of mucous, swelling of glands and hormonal imbalances.

CURE: If you are a WATER type but need to rebalance, adopt more FIRE qualities, examples:

  • politely say no, when it doesn’t feel right.
  • connect and serve your deepest and most burning passions and desires to create the life that you want.
  • protect your feelings and stop dancing to other peoples tune, if it makes you feel bad.

Section 2 – your main expression is the FIRE element.

FIRE represents our instincts, run by our super consciousness. It is the inner drive to achieve masculine aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of FIRE are expressed through actions, goal orientation, self-mastery, leadership and protection.

If FIRE is overbalanced, diseases could include:

Psychologically  too aggressive, intolerant, unfeeling, narcissistic, addicted to adrenaline and gambling and unreasonable risk taker.

Physically heart pathology, auto-immune disease, high blood pressure.

CURE: If you are a FIRE type but need to rebalance, adopt more WATER qualities, for example:

  • Try and put yourself more in other people shoes, see it from their point of view, that way you get less frustrated if they’re not doing what you think is right.
  • Tell an important person in your life how much you love and appreciate them.
  • Generally take an attitude of gratitude to even the smallest things in your life.

Section 3 – Your main expression is the AIR element.

AIR represents our thinking function. It is the inner parent, ‘one that knows’ conscious aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of  air is freedom, joy, new ideas, The Idealist, intuition or inner knowing, consciousness, Laws and Principles, adaptability and problem solver.

If AIR is overbalanced, diseases could include:

Psychologically ungrounded, perfectionist, lack of boundaries, unrealistic and detached, feeling more ‘special’ or different to others.

Physically digestive problems (due to mental over processing), allergies, attention deficit, dryness of skin hair nails, persistent headaches.

CURE: If you are an AIR type but need to rebalance, adopt more EARTH qualities.

  • Give your brain a holiday and just be present in your body, feel the sensations and find a still-point within.
  • Give up on trying to find out and see the your current situations is giving you all the pointers that you need operating on a need to know basis.
  • spend time in nature and walk bare foot outside.

Section 4. Your main expression is the EARTH element.

EARTH represent our bodies and  physical sensory function. It is the inner child, unconscious innocent aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of the EARTH element is stillness, security, innocence, rest, beauty, and nurturing.

If EARTH is overbalanced diseases could include:

Psychologically  insecure, anxious, feel victimised, too passive, averse to new experiences, addiction to overconsumption eg shopping, slowness in development and learning.

Physically overweight, prone to parasites and bacterial and viral infections, addictions to physical substance eg food, drugs.

CURE: If you are an EARTH type but need to rebalance, adopt more AIR qualities.

  • Spend time imagining how you would like to change aspects of your life that are not working for you.
  • Entertain yourself with humour and fantasy, allow it to bring a lightness to your being.
  • if you feel stuck in a frustrating situation, learn to love what you have and invent new ways of fulfilling your needs.
  • Space clear your home or office, letting go of anything that is NOT useful to you.


natural health

In my  work I have categorised the homeopathic remedies into the 4 elements:

Air is  represented by gases and metals, Earth represented by poisons, gemstones, radiation and mineral, Water by plants and waters, Fire by animals, acids and animal products.

The remedies are prescribed to take away the resistance, held in our nervous system, to the natural flow of our life-force, so that your balance can be restored.

If your would like to work with me, in person or via skype, contact me at http://www.HomeopathyForVitality.co.uk


Who are you beyond your story?


We can sometimes struggle to cope with negative drama in our lives, because of the emotional pain that it brings. It could be that we find it difficult to forgive ourselves or others or because we are anxious about future outcomes. If we are focussed on past events, then we generally feel sadness or anger and on future event, anxiety.

Either way, my concern is that an ongoing experience could become detrimental to our health, well-being and also, I believe, our future outcomes. Why? Because continuing the drama in our minds will limit our precious life-force, the source of our health and well-being.

When we reduce the experience of ourselves as a limited character in time and space as we focus on the story line, an energetic resistance is set up via the nervous system that will dis-allow actions and thoughts within us that do not comply with this limited character. It is this blocking of the life-force energy And this is the true reason why we feel that pain and suffering. The pain is not caused by other people or even yourself – it just seems like that because you are focussing on them whilst you’re feeling the pain.

This story can only be experienced in our minds because it can create a subject-object environment for the story to play out. (Think of the 2 hemispheres of the brain, one is objective, linear and logical, the other subjective that provide the feelings and pictures). So for example if the story in your mind tells you that you were the helpless victim, any inspired empowerment actions or thoughts will be blocked by our nervous system, because it has to ‘get with the program’ set up in the mind.

I use the four elements, fire, water, earth and air to illustrate how energy and life flows in our reality. The vital energy is fire energy, which corresponds to action and to our super-conscious self that holds the ‘bigger picture’, our purpose and vision of what we want to be and create. It is our instinct that comes from beyond the mind that initiates these inspired actions that come from an inner vision of a better way of being, not based on current perceived limitations. To illustrate this concept further, all animals run of this super-conscious intelligence by default (no, they don’t sit around worrying if they upset their mother-in-law) and that’s why they know what to do in order to adapt to their environment so that they can thrive – such is birds flying south in winter. The mind does not have the capacity to see the bigger picture, that it is capable of doing something to get what it wants beyond it’s immediate or past experience.

Attachment (to the story and to the outcomes) is the root of all suffering”, Buddha.

My healing system is designed to deprogram our nervous system to stop making our okness conditional to our external circumstances, so that we can become more fully aligned to our vital energy. This it will provide an increased source of health and well-being, as well as help us create the life that will really suit us.

One of the many tools that I have developed is a simple visualisation exercise, based on Byron Katie’s self-development work, and using remedies that will remind us to get out of the story in our mind, whereby we become more aware of how hurtful this activity is to us, before we have delved too deeply and made it a compulsive habit.

Lose your mind to come to your senses!

It is our physical sensory perception within our body that takes us out of the past or future, where the mind operates and into this present moment.

I have now created an audio that takes you through a simple visualisation process to let go of that character you think you are and uses remedies to take ensure that you become more alert to the discomfort that you are subjecting yourself. What is then leave is ONLY who you really are, your true nature: Love, freedom, joy, peace and passion.

The audio that I have created is free until the end of 2018 Christmas gift from me to you. FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE


Have you reached your full potential?


How often do you ponder on any new experiences that we would like to create in your life? And similarly how easy for you is to stop doing and engaging in things that make you feel bored and fed-up?

The clues that can help us reveal our true potential are our secret  hopes and dreams.

Our minds are active in protecting us from pain of disappointment and  will always err on the side of caution, sticking to what it knows and has already experienced, however mediocre that is.   “You’re too old, too young, (fill in the blank) to do that!”, “you haven’t got the right skills, qualifications blah blah blah”. Maybe you recognise this in yourself.
The danger is that this protective mechanism can turn into cynicism  if too many dreams are broken, which could ultimately take away the joy of life, and in extreme cases the will to live. One has to question the idea of depression, because with this understanding, it’s not an ‘illness’ that befalls us but rather a net-effect of this problem.

My solution to this is an exercise that I take my clients through, which is a simple one:

Imagine what you would be ideally doing first in your personal and then in your professional life in 3 years time? Immerse yourself in that imagination, however crazy in may seem, see it , feel it , maybe even taste it.

By creating a new reality in your minds eye, you open your heart to a new possibility. This then temporally shifts you out of your conditioned mind, with all this pre-programmed, automated responses that would normally shut that dream down. Looking at this potential – YOUR POTENTIAL LIFE – will uncover and  reveal all the social conditioning and emotional charges that are blocking that potential. By doing this exercise, even on your own, you will see those belief systems in the cold light of day and become more conscious of those ridiculous and redundant reasons why ‘you can’t live that life’. You will be able to exam them through a more truthful lens that opening your heart can bring to you.

Homeopathic remedies, if matched to these conditional beliefs will eliminate these energetic mental, emotional and even physical blocks (For example you will feel more energised when planning  what you want to do) to your true potential. To give some examples :

  • Shale, a mineral composite compromising of layers of shells represents doing things the way we’ve always done things – holding onto traditions that we were thought up by people who are now dead (think of shell representing security for the defenceless creature inside and the layers of shells once occupied by now deceased creatures), and therefore is usually an outmoded way, not relevant to the desires and potential that people have today.
  • Human ovary – which as an egg just simply mean human potential. This remedy tackles the block to the lack of recognition or engagement with your true potential and useful for people whose dreams were blocked when they were young adults or teenagers – they we not allowed to explore their own ideas or dreams, and were maybe funnelled into something that met the expectations of the adults around them.
  • Organophosphate represents artificially hot housing a young person to become something that is not authentic. When this person has to go out in the world without the artificial support, if they have not sufficiently connected with their own inner convictions and understandings will wilt like a hot house flower in the temperate climate. There has been some social commentary about the Millennial generation now entering the workplace and seeking the reassurance that they got from their families as their inner resilience,  that comes from having to learn things in the face of personal challenges, is lacking.
  • Strychnine represents believing that you are fated to have a limited life – we see this often in society in the form of ‘poverty consciousness’ as an example that pervades a family or society – it is often cited that lottery winners can squander the money quickly if they are in that mind-set.

I hope that I have offered a new perspective that is challenging, but also liberating. The message that I like to convey, is that we should not be seeking to fix or improve ourselves because:

Our full-potential, and ability to attain it, is already in-built into our systems.

Instead, we have to identify and liberate ourselves from those blocks to that true potential to live the life of our dreams…

The simplest way of cleansing the body – drink lots of distilled water.



My very wise teachers Sanjay and Jogesh Sehgal use to say: “there’s only one thing that will ever kill you, and that is toxins.” This concept is not something that is talked about in mainstream medicine and it is possibly still regarded as a wishy-washy idea from the alternative medical field. I want to be specific about what we are talking about: Toxins are particles in our body that should not be there and like dust in a machine, they slow down its functioning. What happens is that like we see with plaque on teeth, if we don’t clean them, we get tartar, which is a calcification of that dirt,  in order to protect the body of these free-radicals that will degrade the cells in the body, disabling them to renew themselves (all organs via cell-renewal can renew themselves completely over a surprisingly short time when the body is fully connected with the vital force). This is because many of the protective measures that the body had, it is keeping the toxins away from the vital organs, and more in the peripheral non-essential parts of our body. Thus as we get older, a lot of chronic and degenerative symptoms and degradations of the body stem from this simple phenomenon. Cataracts, arthritis, gall-, kidney-, and liver-stones, osteoarthritis, calcification of the pituitary gland (the master gland ) inhibiting the complex circulation of hormones, which leads to the true reason ageing and some of the many health problems that can occur. Similarly on a cellular level, as the cells gets ‘clogged up’ with foreign material that it cannot dispose of, the number of outlets increase at the cost of the inlets, meaning that this compensatory action to get rid of the stuff is reducing the ability to receive more nutrition. This way the cells are gradually starved of oxygen and nutrients. With this in mind, we can also see why de-natured or extracted foods – even if they are ‘healthy supplements’ are things that the body doesn’t know what to do with, ie isn’t equipped to breakdown in a form  to allow it to leave the body, and has to be therefore stored in the form of fat, or calcification, to keep it away from the vital organs.

I recently become aware of a little known simple yet extremely curative health regime. It has been shrouded by confusion and misunderstanding so much so that we have been led to avoid something that is obviously beneficial and that is drinking the purest form of water, which is distilled water.

Distilled water –  is water from the faucet that has been vaporised, making the molecules rise up, leaving all soluble and in-soluble contaminants behind and returning into liquid form, as pure H2O. The therapeutic benefits of this product lie in the fact that on a molecular level  the ions are all negatively charged, and therefore have the ability to magnetize any positively charge ions out of the body. All toxins or free-radicals are positively charged so this is the most effective way of cleansing the body of those impediments to health on the most basic level.

In practice, people notice after consistently drinking at least 2 litres of distilled water a day and using it for most of their dietary needs, an increase in elimination through the digestive tract. The result is a gradual feeling of lightness and higher levels of energy not to mention the gradual decrease or reversal of many chronic conditions associated with calcification such improved digestion, absorption of nutrients; improved eye-sight – short and long sightedness as well as cataracts; reduced excess weight; improved skin conditions; normalised blood pressure to mention a few.

*** Disclaimer – this information is not a substitute for medical attention ***

So the controversy that surrounds it: we have always been told by official channels that distilled water will leach out the minerals of your body, because it lacks minerals. This is true, but what it is referring to is the beneficial detoxification process that I describe. We have to clarify what this confusing message and why we need not fear it: the minerals they are talking about are inorganic minerals that dirt and rocks are made of. these are however not the building blocks of our body – what we need and will retain whilst drinking this water,  thus reducing the inhibited uptake of minerals are organic minerals, found in fresh fruit and vegetables. It is suggested however to add a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt to the carafe of distilled water to add some trace elements. Andrew Norton Webber an advocate for distilled water has researched this matter extensively and is a further reference.

It is easy to purchase counter-top distillers online and cost between 100-200 GBP. Just ensure that the they are made of stainless steel and the collecting vessel is made of glass.

Please do comment below any effects or benefits you notice: this will help to build up a picture to help and inspire others.



Is your blood too acid or too alkaline? It could be the cause of some underlying health problems.

ph chart


In my practice I focus on predispositions and tendencies toward ill health, which are the underlying problems waiting to happen. So when things get challenging in your life and you start to feel physically or emotionally bad – instead of  firefighting or using sticking plasters, intelligently improve your constitution in order to future-proof your long-term outlook.

In homeopathy, as with many other holistic therapies, we see the vital energy as the primary component to healing. What that means in practice is that we have to see other mind/emotions and body as a electro-magnetic field. And if electro-magnetic field is distorted in some way so that it hinders the flow of this vital energy. Vital Energy is really photonic (light) in nature and is therefore a neutral energy, as opposed to the pushing energy of electricity and the pulling energy of magnetism. So one can argue that in order to allow the photonic energy to have full access to our bio-energetic sphere in order to restore it and enable the optimal functioning, we have to balance or equalise that electro magnetism in our energy field. The trick is to understand the nature of the distortion in each individual and one good way is looking at the PH levels of the blood. Why? because PH is determined by the number of positively or negatively charged ions in the solution and at the risk of being too ‘sciencey’, because I want this information to remain crystal clear, alkaline solutions have too many positively charged hydrogen ions and acidity too many negatively charged oxygen ions – here we have the potential for distortion of the electromagnetic field if the PH is not in neutral – negative charges being the magnetic pull that occurs in acids and  positive charges being the electric push. The PH of blood should ideally be 7.4 to be neutral for it’s purpose, but any increase to 7.45 (or higher causing alkalosis) is already too alkaline. Similarly a decrease to 7.35 (or lower to cause acidosis) will be too acidic. But although the distortion may seem subtle, enabling the body to continue functioning, it can cause some profound long-term degradation of health.

The role blood plays in our physiology is to circulate Oxygen around the body – Oxygen,  is an embodiment of our life-force (prana as it is called in Eastern philosophies) and the effectiveness of this endeavour  will depend on how distorted the electro-magnetic field, as represented in this case by the PH level of the blood.

So how does this display itself in practice? What can we do at home, TODAY, to start neutralising our body in order for our life force to flow less impeded?

If you have any or a combination of the following symptoms, then your blood can tend to be TOO ACIDIC:

  • Negative emotions: predominate with depression, grief and sadness
  • Family or personal history includes: cancer, heart dis-ease
  • Physical tendencies include: cysts, hormonal imbalance
  • Mental tendencies include: Addiction, co-dependancy, bi-polar mood swings

We can start to see that due to the predominance of negative Oxygen ions, there seems to be a perceived ‘lack’ that needs to be filled, within the psyche. Oxygen, in my homeopathic system, represents the void, or nothingness, so there is a need to fill that void. Here the symptoms are about unhealthy attachments or retention of things that should be eliminated from the body. The skew is too much assimilation and not enough elimination.

To start neutralising the ACID, the solution that you can put in place today is to:

  • Completely cut out red and processed meat.
  • Increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake to be 75% of your diet, and of that, a third to be consumed raw.

Conversely, here are some of the many symptoms you could have if  your blood tends to be TOO ALKALINE:

  • Negative emotions predominate with anger, anxiety or fear
  • Family or personal history includes: autoimmune diseases, digestion problems, allergies or skin problems.
  • Physical tendencies include: skin problems,  allergies, chronic inflammatory problems, calcification problems such as gall stones, candida
  • Mental tendencies include: Attention deficit, OCD, stress, autism

We can see how the predominance of positively charged hydrogen atoms are influencing the psyche, whereby, there is a feeling that there is too much and you need to get away from everything or get rid of things. Hydrogen, as an element in homeopathy, represents detachment so wants to disconnect to create more emptiness in it’s life. So the body and mind is either in ‘fight or flight’ mode. The skew therefore is too much elimination and not enough assimilation, for example lack of mental assimilation in the mind tendencies and digestive assimilation in the digestion problems.

To start neutralising the ALKALINE, the solution that you can put in place today is to:

  • Drink half a teaspoon of cider vinegar twice a day diluted in either hot or cold water. it is pure asetic acid and in another blog I will explain why this is a life-giver in the truest form.
  • Drink distilled water ideally exclusively from all other waters. Pure H2O, which contain only negatively charged ions will reach all areas of the body and magnetize the positively charged toxins and pull them out of the body.

If you try my advice, and see how things change for you, please comment below.



Running on Empty: Adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue

A mindfulness teacher recently asked me about this widely spread malaise in our hectic world. There are many signs and symptoms, listed below, that I see in my clinic that indicate the problem, but don’t get too hung up about them: In the holistic world, if you have any it doesn’t mean your body is faulty, they act as reminders that we have not aligned ourselves correctly towards life. Once this is remedied, your can run on all cylinders again:

To get an understanding of why we have these symptoms, we need to know that the adrenal glands are part of our fight and flight mechanism, as well as influencing our metabolism. Adrenalin should only be used, when there are extraneous problems in our life, to give a boost when we need to run away from the tiger. The problem occurs when this acute become a chronic. ie it’s relied upon for day-to-day life. This then puts the body into permanent survival mode, which can result in any number of the following symptoms.


  • Non-linear thinking, that feel like popping corn in your brain, giving rise to unfounded anxious thoughts
  • Negative, self-reproachful thoughts, because the mind is constantly trying to find reasons why “things aren’t working out”
  • Similarly giving rise to uncharacteristic aggressive, impatient or defensive reactions
  • Or, a defeated, low feeling


  • Weight gain around the stomach, survival mode trying to protect the vital organs with fat
  • Weight loss thighs and bottom, depleted collagen in the skin, making it slack,  because the metabolism  is then burning up proteins instead of fats.
  • Sudden sugar/carb/stimulant cravings.
  • Sleeplessness: Frequent waking in the night,  lack of adequate deep sleep.
  • Frequent urination at night (the adrenals sit on top of the kidneys).
  • High cholesterol in blood
  • Inadequate calcium assimilation, depleting bones and teeth instead laying calcium on top of them leading to tartar on teeth, tooth decay, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. (there is a link between the metabolic systems of adrenals, para-thyroid and thyroid glands)
  • Autoimmune conditions due to an over active fight of flight mechanism
  • Chronic fatigue.

The overall effect is DEPLETION of basic resources. In other words, too much going out of the system, not enough coming into the system to replenish it.

The Solution is to balance out how you replenish your system to match your output: realise your vital force

When we are running on empty, we are by definition, using up resources that we don’t really have in the first place. In holistic medicine, healing happens through re balancing our functionality. And the way I suggest is through our perception, because Perception is Everything. First of all, we need to understand why we get out of balance: in the western world we tend to do a lot of ‘Doing’ rather than Being (one could argue the opposites true in the eastern world). Doing is active, Being is passive. So when something seems to be a problem, whatever the problem is, we are fundamentally conditioned to ‘do’ something about it. An example would be, if we feel we do not have something that we need, we go and ‘get’ it – which is an action.

Now here is my secret behind resolving this issue: we have to learn to receive:

by standing still in our lives and noticing that our vital energy is already supporting us through our lives. It’s the perception of this that changes our experience. What I notice is that when I do it I feel a physical tingling in my body, starting with the hands and feet, traveling towards the centre. I automatically start to feel grateful because I realise that so much benevolent energy is healing and nurturing me – this is what we call the vital force. I then start to feel already whole and complete inside, where poverty is no longer my experience. From this inner feeling place, we can look out on the world and start to feel more secure and ‘at home’, merely because now we can see the complete picture. From this secure and sustainable place, we know we an endless supply of energy. What we can then discover is that because this is the case, we can choose the kind of activities and goals we wish to do, because we no longer have to do things to get things – which is all the treadmill stuff that makes our heart sink. Instead, we can do the stuff that makes us feel excited and alive – and guess what? We end up only doing the things that energizes us, so it’s a win-win scenario.

In this way we start to feel whole and  complete, but we haven’t done a thing, we’ve just shifted perception. And our bodies, that reflect our inner feeling state will follow suit. It no longer feels depleted, but rather more alive and at the same time replete. Our bodies ultimately therefore reflect how we are seeing life – and the good news is that you can change that!

One condition that is a good example of an acute version of this problem is post-natal depression. This condition is due to a combination of two factors: exhaustion from the marathon of giving birth and a system ‘spiked’ with oestrogen which affects the adrenals and thyroid in particular (which happens in pregnancy). So, again anti-depressant drugs will not address the underlying problem of this situation, as this is a physical not psychological cause. For immediate action I would always recommend strict bed-rest and possibly a homeopathic remedy most indicated in the symptoms, one of which being considered would be folliculinum to counteract the estrogen levels. This remedy is very good for people who give too much, against their will, but according to others needs, thereby deputing themselves a) because they are doing actions that don’t inspire them and b) they stop receiving, because they are always ‘the givers’ and feel guilty or unworthy to receive.

To illustrate my point of intention: Everyone knows a ‘needy’ friend, colleague or acquaintance, who you try to avoid, because they are always draining. It’s not that you begrudge giving them your time or help, it’s that they are sucking it out of you, because they feel ‘in need’, but have to get it rather than receiving it from you.  When another friend in need comes along, but only receives what you have to offer, you feel your giving to them is very energising to you, because the energy dynamic is correct. So it not the lack or the doing that is the problem, but the intention behind the giving and taking.

When we live a life of balance, we perform actions when we are inspired and when at rest, receive the energy that is already prevalent. This way, whatever you do in life will never deplete you. My analysis of the situation is likening it to putting a battery into an appliance the wrong way round, wherebv the poles are reversed. The energy is flowing in the wrong direction and therefore our appliance (lives/bodies) do not work properly, until we’ve shifted perspective. This is how we become conscious creators: we receive the inspiration that comes from inside of us and then act perform the action that has been inspired out of joy, which is supported by our benevolent vital Force that is unfailingly there for us no matter what!

Transitioning from the Dead Zone to the Live Zone


Life is like a flowing river: ever changing, ever new, ever present but never them same.  This is what vitality is –  the unhindered flow of energy that flows through us, giving us an ever-present, ever changing unique experience. When we are fully engaged with our vitality and therefore life, we feel fresh, light, alive, buoyant, pleasantly expectant, trusting, spontaneous, energised, not a care in the world, because nothing, literally, matters in the grand scheme of things.

Do you feel like this now? Yes? Great! No? Then let’s find out why.

Something that has become very clear to me in my practice is that that fundamentally we become dis-eased when there is a stuckness in that flow of life. Just like a river, if that flow is blocked, there is stagnancy, decay and pollution – in physical terms, our bodies accumulate toxins, which degrade cells and are, from the holistic point of view, at the root of most chronic ailments.

What is the reason? Again, likening it to a river, we either hold onto the sides of the bank and let the current of life batter us, or dam up the river so we end up not moving at all, thereby stagnating.

So those of us who cling onto the tried and tested for fear of the new, (the banks of the river) end up trying to second-guess the future, feeling exhausted (adrenal fatigue is common) always fearing what is round the next corner. The main feeling that results in this is anxiety.

Those of us who dam up the river and remain stagnant, conversely, hold onto the past, letting that define them instead of the ever – present moment. The main feeling is depression and sadness.

What we should be doing is just throwing ourselves into the unhindered flow, sothat we only ever define what we are by what is currently (no pun) is experienced. Resultant feeling? You define yourself as pure innocence, fresh alive and new, nothing can define you, because it feels that you are life itself. Athletes master this and call it being in the zone, to achieve maximum potential in their performance. People spend decades in meditation to achieve this state, but I believe it is available to you right now – you’ve just got to see it!

So how can you become aware of your own patterning to achieve this vital state, thus ensuring pristine health and well-being? By looking at the conditions you put on life for it to be ok for you:  “I can’t be happy until I’ve got a boyfriend”

“I can’t change my day-job until I’m financially secure”.

“I can’t improve my health until I have enough money”.

“I can’t take a sabbatical until I’ve got pregnant”.

“I can’t go on holiday until I have someone to go with me”.

“I can’t buy new clothes and look fab until I’ve lost weight”.

A friend once reminisced that she was in a job she hated, but decided not to give it up, until she got pregnant, in order to receive maternity leave for cash benefit. She did not, however get pregnant over the next year, so, being very fed up at this point, she listened to this and gave up her job anyway. Within a week she got pregnant! Conceiving new life in particular is greatly hindered by thinking in a conditional way and is really the product of love and passion, beyond the rational mind. Given the large numbers of infertile couples, we can see it is a common malaise that could be rectified by this new way of understanding how life works.

An exercise to re-calibrate yourself to transition from the dead zone to the Live Zone.

Just ask yourself: “If money, time, circumstances, and other people’s opinions were irrelevant, what would you be doing right now? In a week’s time? in a month, in a year and in 10 years? Spend as much time daydreaming as you can, and notice how you feel physically. Your body does not know the difference between the pictures in your head and the “reality” outside it. If it makes you feel better then you have already found your own solution.

Now ask yourself “How am I acting, what am I believing on a regular basis that is stopping me from going for that life?” Leave a space in your mind, for the answer to emerge in you.

This is what my work is all about, and that’s why my strap line is Homeopathy for Vitality – not homeopathy to get rid of symptoms, because hopefully you now know that that is not really the issue. Symptoms can be the result of the flow of life, as really they the body re-balancing itself. It’s the present, predominating and persisting symptoms that indicate the block to vitality resulting in the dead-zone. This is what I treat in the individual, because it is the the barriers to that have to be addressed in order to let the flow of life commence within you and through you.

As a final note, I’m not expounding that we live in a totally unbounded way as this would be too alien and disorientating given how our society currently is structured – for example saving for a rainy day. For me, when this thinking does become relevant is when illness is telling you that the constrictions to life are no longer serving you. This is what is then upper most in us to be healed.

So what are you awaiting for? Dive in!