Homeopathy is as easy as child’s play

It’s all a matter of balance

I was interested to see that my daughter’s GCSE Biology course explains very simply how homeopathy works: If you shower in cold water, your body temperature is higher after ten minutes than if you shower in hotter water. Why? Because our bodies are reacting in an opposite way to the stimulus in order to maintain a balance, which ensures ongoing health. It is only when our systems get out of balance that we develop chronic or recurring illness.

Homeopathy uses this ‘action and reaction’ by matching this imbalance with a remedy leading to the premise ‘like cures like’. Only this can stimulate your system to get back into balance when it is sick. When the body and mind are back in balance (homeostasis to be technical), there is no need to produce symptoms.

Try this out for yourself: next time you’re too hot, drink a nice cup of hot tea and your body is more able to cool down more easily. If you are a chilly person, have a cold shower in the morning and your blood will circulate more effectively, to keep you warm.

2 thoughts on “Homeopathy is as easy as child’s play

    • Thank-you for your interest and comments. I would just like to point out that although conventional medicine treats our bodies like a car – inanimate machinary – our bodies are in fact alive bio-dynamic organisms that are constantly adjusting to changing circumstances.
      So your example with the heater is not quite the same – the reason we need to put on the heater in the car is to take away the heat from the engine. In the case of the body -, unlike machinary, the reason for drinking hot tea is to stimulate the body to cool itself down by using that ability that the car does not have. I hope that makes sense! best wishes, Meike

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