Alopecia: the root of the problem

hair loss It is known that alopecia is an auto-immune disease whereby the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Mainstream medicine treats the problems on a purely physical level with localised steroid treatment to suppress the immune system temporarily. The hope is that the immune system rights itself again, which it often does, but the question is if and when. However, the mind and body are ‘two sides of the same coin’ and unless the emotional aspect of the sufferer is taken into account there will never be cure.

In my practice I have observed and treated very specific emotional issues that alopecia sufferers commonly have. Viewed holistically, hair is very much linked to personal identity. Sufferers ‘lose their identity’, typically, when not able to voice their feelings, and therefore cannot fully express who they are. Paradoxically, when suffering from emotional distress, as a coping mechanism, there is a disconnection with their own feelings, and ironically others tend to think they’re feeling fine.

Louise Hay writes that alopecia is a sign that the first emotional centre, relating to our identity within the primary family setting, is disturbed. So issues such as parental divorce or other upsets that threaten our security within our community could trigger off the emotional distress that could lead to alopecia.

By helping to reconnect and express these repressed emotional feelings with homeopathy we stop the body’s immune reacting against itself. When we reconnect with our feelings, we can express ourselves more freely without the fear of reprisal, and live a more emotionally fullfilled life, the one that we truly deserve.

4 thoughts on “Alopecia: the root of the problem

  1. Dear Meike

    Yours is the first web posting that gives me hope around the alopecia spot that recently appeared at the back mid section of my scalp.

    Other web resources speak of cancer, HIV or other such dis-eases as potential causes.

    Your posting reassures me and reminds me that the root of this IS emotional.

    I recently moved to a new city – but the move was significant in the most fundamental way. For the first time I’m my life I knew I was leaving ‘home’ and standing on my own two feet as an adult. For my whole life I have been enmeshed – both positively and negatively – with my family structure. I’ve not really been heard or understood.

    I’ve embraced this new realm where I know it’s now only up to me and my connection to our Creator – but as mature and liberating as this is, could there be deep anxiety around my security being threatened? Although I feel fine and was excited to move…underlying this could there be this undercurrent of fear connected to my security?

    The alopecia showed up about a month after arriving in this new city.

    I’d really appreciate your advice. And is there a soothing mantra I can recite?

    Much love

    • Dear Iwan,

      Thank-you and I’m glad that my post gave you an new more empowering insight into your situation. My mission is to help people reclaim their own health and my 25 years of experience in the field has given me many ideas and tools that I have seen work. The fundamental blind spot that we all have in terms of our well-being is that we believe that something outside of us can make us whole again. But whilst we believe that we will always remain victims and powerless. The ‘unbelievable truth’ is that we, ourselves can meet our own needs, and thereby ‘square our own circles’ to heal ourselves. It’s about reconnecting with the forgotten part of ourselves. And whilst we’re still busy looing at our external environment, we will never see it! Here is a further suggestion I can make to you to help give yourself back your own true identity. In your minds eye, see that person you believe yourself to be in the world – The one that doesn’t know who they are and where they fit it. Ask them “what do you need for you to know who you (as a unique individual being) are?” listen to the answer they give you. It could be “I want to be seen as a unique expression of what is going on inside me”. Then imagine a golden light around your heart centre. In your mind’s eye, see that person merge into the golden light and say to that character, “I will now always see you as a unique expression of who you are, I’m always going to love and support you as that expression”. You should be able to feel that person go into your heart. You have brought that person back into it’s own home, where they will always be loved and safe, unconditionally, just because they are. Feel the relaxation in your body when you have done this exercise. You can repeat as necessary, each time asking that person what they need and then telling them you will give it to them with the physical merge. This way you are healing your inner child that has felt a out in the cold. I hope that makes sense to you. Many blessings Meike

      • Dear Meike

        It never fails to amaze me that when we’re ready for the question the answer appears.

        I couldn’t have got a better more apt answer – so thank you very much!

        It’s strange, I’ve attempted to do your exercise a few times – but it seems that version of me needs time to come forward. I’m proceeding gently and practicing as much stillness as possible to create a space where the healing and integration can occur.

        For you to be on your journey of awareness I can sense that you have climbed many high and treacherous mountains too.

        Sending you waves of unlimited love 🌟

  2. You are so right. I hope my issues will be resolved soon and I hope my hair can grow again after this trail. Thanks

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