Let your heart be your GPS

I heard a joke the other day, recommending a new kind of SatNav for the elderly: To tell them how to get there and why they went there in the first place! I asked myself, “Do we really need to know why we want to get somewhere? – maybe we can only know once we are there”.

To explain: does you heart sink when you have do something you don’t want to? Kinesiologists have quantified this phenomenon whereby harmful or negative things and thoughts can deplete the electromagnetic sphere which we embody – homeopaths call it the vital force. In other words, we deplete our life force every time we’re focusing on something that doesn’t make us happy.

How many times a day do you tell yourself that you ought to do something? Maybe this is your conditioning that is speaking and not the real you. Maybe you don’t actually need to do it to be happy. To test this out for yourself, spend a day by asking yourself “What do I really feel like doing?” and do that instead. Allow activities that attract you naturally to become the centre of your life. See how the day pans out and evaluate whether you feel more energised and have been more productive. You may surprised! When we live through our heart and not exclusively our head, we tend to experience more vitality. We all know that when you do what you love, we become energised, and it is irrelevant how much energy you put into it. And when we have more vitality, we become healthier.

One last thought: Life is not about arriving safely to your death-bed

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