Antibiotics – a drug of choice?

Image Following the recent news that the UK Chief Medical Officer has now officially called for extreme caution with the use of antibiotics for self-limiting conditions such as coughs and colds due to the increased resistance that bacteria have developed, many people will feel confused after receiving the exact opposite advice from their GP’s. Recent medical studies revealed that that in only 1 in 20 patients actually benefited from antibiotics, whereas 1 in 17 actually had negative affects from the prescriptions.

As a homeopath, I would like to point out what needs treating and how during an infectious episode. The symptoms, including the proliferation of bacteria (which are there to eat up debris and are therefore our friends) are actually the RESULT of the body healing itself – specifically eliminating harmful toxins via mucous from the body and incineration through a fever. I believe that we commonly get more infections in winter, because our livers are struggling to keep ourselves warm and therefore become less effective in eliminating those dangerous toxins. So, logically, it would be more harmful to treat the symptoms, which are the bodies healing mechanism instead of the cause, which is the accumulation of toxins. So a better way would be treating with antoxidants such as vitamin C.

We have learned to fear acute infections, because in the ‘olden days’ i.e. one hundred years plus, people died of them, when they developed into more serious conditions. Why was this? because they did not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Vitamin C, which cannot be stored in the body, together with vitamin D ensure that our bodies have a stronger vitality to cope with illness. Dr Viera Schreibner, a medical researcher, discovered that ‘shaken baby syndrome’ evidenced by broken blood vessels in the eyes and brains of young babies was in fact severe vitamin C depletion which happened 26 days after a vaccine. She devised a method of administering high doses of Vitamin C to people on life-support machines due to meningitis, turned the cases round and saved their lives. The number of deaths from infectious disease in the developed world were already plummeting before the advent of vaccines in the 1930’s and 50’s. So, with the onslaught of IBS, superbugs, candida and numerous other chronic conditions due to overuse of antibiotics, this news is hopefully the advent of a new healthier era of western civilisation. 

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