The recent measels outbreak in Wales


Many parents who normally prefer natural immunity for their children with a healthy diet and constitutional treatment, have become disconcerted by the recent media hyped health scare. The issue of vaccinations is difficult for natural health practitioners to talk about as it has become a religious taboo – i.e. you are plainly irresponsible if you don’t do what the ‘officially sanctioned’ scientists tell you. My response is that everyone must make an INFORMED decision based on FACTS AND NOT FEAR and that is what I support for my clients.
Some fundamental questions need to be asked: are measles really dangerous or just a natural childhood illness that furthers their development? Do vaccines really make you immune to the disease or just oversensitise the immune system as evidenced by the overproduction of antibodies in the blood after the jab?


I am not qualified to to give the medical facts about the vaccines per se – but I do know some people that are: Dr Viera Schreibner and Dr Andrew Wakefield. (click names for links)


I can, however, describe my experience in treating children’s constitution. When parents tell me their child’s health has diminished after vaccinations, their symptoms fall into some typical categories:


  • An over-reactive immune system resulting in excema, asthma and allergies.


  • Retarded development – speaking, interaction with their environment is diminished.


  • Liver and bowel problems resulting in reduced appetite and Crones disease.


  • Behavioural problems such as frequent tantrums, kicking, hitting, head-banging.

The good news is that that homeopathic constitutional treatment can stimulate the body to heal these imbalances caused by vaccines. Ultimately, the body is a dynamic responsive organism that when correctly stimulated can bring itself back into balance, in particular eliminating retained toxins and so be able to function and grow normally again. After homeopathic treatment patients may experience one of a number of short-term healing actions by the body including a fever, discharge, a cold, or a skin rash after which, their chronic health problems significantly improve.

Further reading: What doctors don’t tell you is a website providing professionally produced reports on medical facts that are not available to patients 


To meet like-minded parents in your local area, contact your local Arnica Group


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