Express yourself!

express yourselfit make you healthy, wealthy and wise!

A scientific study proved by simply writing about your feelings will make you healthier. Psychologist James Pennebaker started to conduct experiments in the late 1980’s discovered that groups of people who wrote about the most traumatic experience in their life and the in depth feelings they felt for 4-5 days 15 Minutes, against a control group who wrote about superficial experiences developed significantly improved health.

Further studies showed this could also apply to improved grades at college, better social engagement, better cognitive abilities and more success in the job market. Interestingly, Pennebaker’s findings also highlighted that secretive behaviour such as eating disorders in many cases occurred in people with an unexpressed trauma that had to be kept secret (due to social shame, for example). This issue reflects the recent Jimmy Saville scandal coming to light.

These findings very much confirm what homeopathy sets out to do, which is to identify and treat unresolved and unexpressed feelings, which is usually at the root of many long-term health problems. When you start to look at health holistically (i.e. the mind and body are two sides of the same coin), illness is not some random event due to a ‘faulty body’, but the body expressing that which the mind cannot fully acknowledge.

What you can’t express, expresses itself through you – through dysfunctional behaviour or illness.

So how can we avoid illness before it even starts? By getting in touch with how we really feel about things. And the easiest way to do this is to check in with yourself regularly “how do I feel about this?” – just the acknowledgment itself is enough to make things better. I find that this is also a helpful strategy for parents when their children are expressing difficulties – rather than try and distract them from it, invite them to explore and express how they feel. Our feelings are actually quite useful to us as they can become the vehicle to change things in our life that no longer works for us.

To hear a recent radio programme about James Pennebaker click here

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