Will Supplements make me Healthier?


Recently in the news, doctors have advised caution on nutritional supplements, as these could actually increase health risks, results in conditions such as cancer in certain cases.

A  report indicated that 60% of over 60’s regularly took nutritional supplements, ranging from cod liver oil to vitamins. When asked, many were not, as such, suffering from a condition but felt that it would somehow keep them healthier in older age. The (western) belief is that the more we do/take the better things become.

Holistic medicines regard ill health is not the result of deficiency, but of an imbalance. The ultimate imbalance that can occur within our bodies is in the assimilation and elimination processes.  So how do we know what is right for our bodies to keep this in balance? The answer lies in the body’s intelligence and not in nutritional books that offer a one-size-fits-all solution.  

To illustrate: I treated two small boys recently, both suffering from eczema. The first boy was quite thin, not growing well and reluctant to eat all his meals. He did, however crave dairy and meat products and rejected most fruit and vegetables. The second boy was fairly well-built and although had a good appetite tended to reject dairy and had a strong craving for soft fruits such as strawberries and blueberries.

In both cases, the mothers expressed an anxiety that their sons were not eating an adequate diet, but I could see that their natural choices were totally correct for their constitutional type. The smaller boy had a problem assimilating food, due to an imbalance in the liver, so was choosing high levels of nutrients that required minimal digestion to get maximum growth. The bigger boy’s constitutional weakness was elimination – when the body retains toxins this becomes detrimental to our health and so the boy’s appetite prioritised the most effective antioxidants.

Ultimately, when our constitutions are put back into balance, there is usually a tendency to crave a greater variety of foods, but this can also be dependant of seasons, activities, growth patterns and other factors, including pregnancy, that dictate our current body’s requirement.

Homeopaths, therefore, advise that if the body has not asked for the food/supplement, do not eat it, it will not be right. If the body is overloaded with stuff it has to process, especially synthesised and unnatural products, the eliminative organs will become overloaded which can cause a health problem: toxins that the body cannot eliminate degrade cellular functioning and therefore health.

Many diseases we experience today, are a direct result of us detaching ourselves from our own innate nature ie our inbuilt natural instincts and knowledge, in preference to an external source, which cannot know what you as an individual in your circumstance needs.


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