How to Avoid Colds this Winter


Once autumn sets in and the kids are back at school, the prevailing belief system is that the “bugs will come and get you”. We feel like sitting ducks waiting for the onslaught – What can you do?

Natural and holistic therapists see things differently. The power is entirely in your hands, as colds and flues are not caused by what you think they are (bacteria and viruses).

To give an analogy: in medieval times they used to shoot ravens, because they always appeared on battlefields to scavenge dead bodies. The reason for culling the ravens was because they were seen as the ‘bringers of death’ – really is was a matter of circumstantial evidence – of course nowadays we know this is non-sense (and yes they are reintroducing ravens in the wilder parts of the country)…but this analogy also holds true for all bio-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungus. They need a habitat and food (acidic soil and dead debris) to be present and thriving. In fact, they do a pretty good job, breaking down and getting rid of rubbish (toxins), the stuff that our bodies are unable eliminate (I’ll go on to explain why). So bacteria and viruses are present when we are ill – not as a cause but as a result of the disease state!

So why do we get colds? Because the body it trying to spring-clean itself as it is not able to eliminate toxins also know as free-radicals – which are the only harmful things in our body via  the normal route. The reason we are more prone to them when the weather turns colder, is because our liver which is responsible to not only eliminating and assimilating nutrition also has to keep us warm. As this function increases, something ‘has to give’ i.e. elimination of those dangerous toxins. Antibiotics, by the way, are great for reducing  the symptoms of this process, but the toxins remain, as evidenced by recurrent ‘infections’ or more health problems after taking them. See Are you Treating the Cause of your Illness?

So how can we avoid needing this inconvenient spring clean AKA a cold?

  • Eat plenty of anti-oxidants – fresh fruit and veg – ideally highly coloured. Historically, access to these, by the way, is the only reason that people stopped dying from ‘infectious’ diseases.
  • Reduce eating processed foods, especially sugar
  • Resolve ongoing stress in your life. When we feel chronically negative and stressed our bodies retain the toxins that should be eliminated naturally (toxin mind, toxic body).

Ongoing stress and upset is at the deepest root of ill-health and this is where homeopathy helps.

To illustrate: I had a case last year of a little four year-old girl, who was very run-down while suffering from a cold that had been ongoing for 2 weeks and getting worse. Normally she was quite healthy, I suspected after taking her case that she was upset by some problems she was having with here friends at school. As a pulsatilla – type constitution, friendships and sympathy are very important to these gentle souls. After giving her pulsatilla, the mother reported that the next day, the little girl had an emotional outburst, and then made a speedy recovery over the next day.

I have discovered in my practice, that colds, chest infection and eye problems all relate to unexpressed sadness and grief. This is why the little girl had to discharge her unresolved emotions in order to enable her body to stop ‘expressing it for her’ (our bodies reflect our sub-conscious, in other words our unexpressed self).

So next time you get a cold in the Christmas holidays – Don’t be a victim to old dogmas. Get to the root of and resolve your upsets. Look after your body’s needs.  Empower yourself by  cleansing your mind and body.

For Further Reading: Why Germs can’t make you ill and Drugs don’t cure you by NoR


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