How to achieve a more balanced life – Take the Quiz


I  clarify and map out  my client’s PATH TO WELLNESS through a four elements system.

The key to good health and wellbeing is how effective our life-force can flow through our bio-energetic systems. That is determined by how balanced our systems are functioning. A simple way to evaluate what is happening we can categorise how we are currently functioning and then correct any imbalances.

Each of the four elements embody different qualities and they display the four fundamental ways in which your life-force can express itself through you.

Our individual natural tendencies predominate in one of the four elements. But when they become too imbalanced, then dis-ease will result, because it inhibits the full expression of our life-force through our bio-energetic systems.

This quiz will help you understand your natural elemental expression state and what to do to get yourself in balance, taking you on the road to better health and well-being.



There are four sections – each with 7 questions. Add up the number of ‘yes’ answers you give for each one. The section with the most yes will give you your element below in the Answers.

Section 1:

Do you normally feel sensitive to other people’s feelings?

Do you enjoy the arts, writing, music to relax?

Do you worry that you are not attractive enough?

Do you find it difficult to say no, because you’d feel guilty?

Do you tend to feel sad when upset?

Do you find it difficult to throw old things away?

Section 2:

Are you goal orientated or competitive by nature?

Your predominating negative feeling is irritation, frustration or anger?

Do you tend to become impatient if things don’t get done?

Do you prioritise planning for the future?

Are your gut instincts good?

Do you enjoy risk taking, in business or socially?

Do you get bored easily?

Section 3

Are you a natural day dreamer?

Would you say you’re good at being objective and detached?

Do you have a perfectionist streak?

Do you find you have lot of good ideas but don’t always follow them through?

Do you find that your sense of humour breaks down social barriers?

Do like to find better ways of doing things?

Do you like to share your wealth of information with others?

Section 4

Are you methodical and measured in the way that you do things?

Do you tend to feel anxious in new or unfamiliar places or people?

Do you feel most comfortable in homely and familiar surroundings?

Do you have a gift to create beautiful things – gardening, interior design, packaging, architecture, etc.

Are you even-tempered, but when pushed, stubborn?

Do you tend to enjoy activities and food that feed the senses?

Do you prioritise planning your material and financial security?


Pick the section the you answered the most yeses to :

Section 1  – your main expression is WATER.

The WATER element represents our emotions driven by our sub-conscious. It is the yielding or feminine aspect of ourselves.

The qualities are expressed through nurturing, visual creativity such as art and dreaming, empathy, loving, giving, psychic abilities.

If WATER predominates too much resulting diseases could include:

Psychologically the person feels overwhelmed, resentful, passive-aggressive, grief-stricken emotionally and mood swings.

Physical symptoms  circulation problems, chest and throat complaints, over-production of mucous, swelling of glands and hormonal imbalances.

CURE: If you are a WATER type but need to rebalance, adopt more FIRE qualities, examples:

  • politely say no, when it doesn’t feel right.
  • connect and serve your deepest and most burning passions and desires to create the life that you want.
  • protect your feelings and stop dancing to other peoples tune, if it makes you feel bad.

Section 2 – your main expression is the FIRE element.

FIRE represents our instincts, run by our super consciousness. It is the inner drive to achieve masculine aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of FIRE are expressed through actions, goal orientation, self-mastery, leadership and protection.

If FIRE is overbalanced, diseases could include:

Psychologically  too aggressive, intolerant, unfeeling, narcissistic, addicted to adrenaline and gambling and unreasonable risk taker.

Physically heart pathology, auto-immune disease, high blood pressure.

CURE: If you are a FIRE type but need to rebalance, adopt more WATER qualities, for example:

  • Try and put yourself more in other people shoes, see it from their point of view, that way you get less frustrated if they’re not doing what you think is right.
  • Tell an important person in your life how much you love and appreciate them.
  • Generally take an attitude of gratitude to even the smallest things in your life.

Section 3 – Your main expression is the AIR element.

AIR represents our thinking function. It is the inner parent, ‘one that knows’ conscious aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of  air is freedom, joy, new ideas, The Idealist, intuition or inner knowing, consciousness, Laws and Principles, adaptability and problem solver.

If AIR is overbalanced, diseases could include:

Psychologically ungrounded, perfectionist, lack of boundaries, unrealistic and detached, feeling more ‘special’ or different to others.

Physically digestive problems (due to mental over processing), allergies, attention deficit, dryness of skin hair nails, persistent headaches.

CURE: If you are an AIR type but need to rebalance, adopt more EARTH qualities.

  • Give your brain a holiday and just be present in your body, feel the sensations and find a still-point within.
  • Give up on trying to find out and see the your current situations is giving you all the pointers that you need operating on a need to know basis.
  • spend time in nature and walk bare foot outside.

Section 4. Your main expression is the EARTH element.

EARTH represent our bodies and  physical sensory function. It is the inner child, unconscious innocent aspect of ourselves.

The qualities of the EARTH element is stillness, security, innocence, rest, beauty, and nurturing.

If EARTH is overbalanced diseases could include:

Psychologically  insecure, anxious, feel victimised, too passive, averse to new experiences, addiction to overconsumption eg shopping, slowness in development and learning.

Physically overweight, prone to parasites and bacterial and viral infections, addictions to physical substance eg food, drugs.

CURE: If you are an EARTH type but need to rebalance, adopt more AIR qualities.

  • Spend time imagining how you would like to change aspects of your life that are not working for you.
  • Entertain yourself with humour and fantasy, allow it to bring a lightness to your being.
  • if you feel stuck in a frustrating situation, learn to love what you have and invent new ways of fulfilling your needs.
  • Space clear your home or office, letting go of anything that is NOT useful to you.


natural health

In my  work I have categorised the homeopathic remedies into the 4 elements:

Air is  represented by gases and metals, Earth represented by poisons, gemstones, radiation and mineral, Water by plants and waters, Fire by animals, acids and animal products.

The remedies are prescribed to take away the resistance, held in our nervous system, to the natural flow of our life-force, so that your balance can be restored.

If your would like to work with me, in person or via skype, contact me at


Is your blood too acid or too alkaline? It could be the cause of some underlying health problems.

ph chart


In my practice I focus on predispositions and tendencies toward ill health, which are the underlying problems waiting to happen. So when things get challenging in your life and you start to feel physically or emotionally bad – instead of  firefighting or using sticking plasters, intelligently improve your constitution in order to future-proof your long-term outlook.

In homeopathy, as with many other holistic therapies, we see the vital energy as the primary component to healing. What that means in practice is that we have to see other mind/emotions and body as a electro-magnetic field. And if electro-magnetic field is distorted in some way so that it hinders the flow of this vital energy. Vital Energy is really photonic (light) in nature and is therefore a neutral energy, as opposed to the pushing energy of electricity and the pulling energy of magnetism. So one can argue that in order to allow the photonic energy to have full access to our bio-energetic sphere in order to restore it and enable the optimal functioning, we have to balance or equalise that electro magnetism in our energy field. The trick is to understand the nature of the distortion in each individual and one good way is looking at the PH levels of the blood. Why? because PH is determined by the number of positively or negatively charged ions in the solution and at the risk of being too ‘sciencey’, because I want this information to remain crystal clear, alkaline solutions have too many positively charged hydrogen ions and acidity too many negatively charged oxygen ions – here we have the potential for distortion of the electromagnetic field if the PH is not in neutral – negative charges being the magnetic pull that occurs in acids and  positive charges being the electric push. The PH of blood should ideally be 7.4 to be neutral for it’s purpose, but any increase to 7.45 (or higher causing alkalosis) is already too alkaline. Similarly a decrease to 7.35 (or lower to cause acidosis) will be too acidic. But although the distortion may seem subtle, enabling the body to continue functioning, it can cause some profound long-term degradation of health.

The role blood plays in our physiology is to circulate Oxygen around the body – Oxygen,  is an embodiment of our life-force (prana as it is called in Eastern philosophies) and the effectiveness of this endeavour  will depend on how distorted the electro-magnetic field, as represented in this case by the PH level of the blood.

So how does this display itself in practice? What can we do at home, TODAY, to start neutralising our body in order for our life force to flow less impeded?

If you have any or a combination of the following symptoms, then your blood can tend to be TOO ACIDIC:

  • Negative emotions: predominate with depression, grief and sadness
  • Family or personal history includes: cancer, heart dis-ease
  • Physical tendencies include: cysts, hormonal imbalance
  • Mental tendencies include: Addiction, co-dependancy, bi-polar mood swings

We can start to see that due to the predominance of negative Oxygen ions, there seems to be a perceived ‘lack’ that needs to be filled, within the psyche. Oxygen, in my homeopathic system, represents the void, or nothingness, so there is a need to fill that void. Here the symptoms are about unhealthy attachments or retention of things that should be eliminated from the body. The skew is too much assimilation and not enough elimination.

To start neutralising the ACID, the solution that you can put in place today is to:

  • Completely cut out red and processed meat.
  • Increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake to be 75% of your diet, and of that, a third to be consumed raw.

Conversely, here are some of the many symptoms you could have if  your blood tends to be TOO ALKALINE:

  • Negative emotions predominate with anger, anxiety or fear
  • Family or personal history includes: autoimmune diseases, digestion problems, allergies or skin problems.
  • Physical tendencies include: skin problems,  allergies, chronic inflammatory problems, calcification problems such as gall stones, candida
  • Mental tendencies include: Attention deficit, OCD, stress, autism

We can see how the predominance of positively charged hydrogen atoms are influencing the psyche, whereby, there is a feeling that there is too much and you need to get away from everything or get rid of things. Hydrogen, as an element in homeopathy, represents detachment so wants to disconnect to create more emptiness in it’s life. So the body and mind is either in ‘fight or flight’ mode. The skew therefore is too much elimination and not enough assimilation, for example lack of mental assimilation in the mind tendencies and digestive assimilation in the digestion problems.

To start neutralising the ALKALINE, the solution that you can put in place today is to:

  • Drink half a teaspoon of cider vinegar twice a day diluted in either hot or cold water. it is pure asetic acid and in another blog I will explain why this is a life-giver in the truest form.
  • Drink distilled water ideally exclusively from all other waters. Pure H2O, which contain only negatively charged ions will reach all areas of the body and magnetize the positively charged toxins and pull them out of the body.

If you try my advice, and see how things change for you, please comment below.



Maintain vitality in your pets and avoid large vet’s bills with homeopathy and a natural diet

The great thing about homeopathy is that it works beautifully on animals and they are a lot easier to prescribe for. Why? Because they act out what they feel, because like small children, they only live in the present. They ‘wear their heart on their sleeve’ so their behaviour is usually telling as to what they are thinking and feeling. I’m not allowed to charge for services as I’m not a qualified vet, I do end up giving remedies to my friends, family and patients for their pets.

Here are a few examples of some recent cases:

A Depressed Jack Russel Dog

Taffy, who was normally a very lively cheeky chappie had suddenly become very depressed and showed no interest in life anymore. This happened after his owner had gone back to work in the day-time, so spent many hours locked in the kitchen. He managed to escape quite a few times, and once the owner had to drive to central London to pick him up from Battersea Dogs home. The symptoms I prescribed upon were Fear of Narrow Spaces; Vivacious; Desires to escape. The remedy was Lachasis – as he needed to express himself and excessive confinement did not allow him to do this. Needless to say after the remedy, the owner did not know whether to thank me or curse me, as the depressed animal became very lively again and up to his normal antics!

A tabby cat with gastroenteritis

I had observed my friend’s cat for some time and commented on how dictatorial, fastidious and restless he was. He was constantly demanding to be let in and then let out again. When he was being stroked, he insisted that it had to be done in a certain way (dictatorial). When he developed chronic gastroenteritis, leaving trails of feces round the house (sorry to be so graphic), it was obvious which remedy would help him – Arsenicum. After one dose the physical problems stopped and  he actually became more laid back and less demanding.

A Somali cat (pedigree) with cysts.

When our cat, Honey, injured himself – which was on a regular basis as he will fight quite a bit, his skin would not granulate and heal properly. What then happened was that a cyst would form under the skin, and then burst, which would have to, in severe cases, be stitched up. The remedy I gave him was silica, which is  renowned for slow healing wounds. Nowadays Honey has no cysts – which saves a fortune at the vets, even though he’s still fighting with other cats, as his cauliflower ears will attest to!

A Labrador-cross dog who barked too much.

Our dog Poppy was is a very exuberant dog who is very vocal. As she is part German-Shephard and being raw-food fed which gives her extra vitality this wasn’t surprising. We were however getting complaints from the neighbours about her incessant barking, and although reasonably trained, we couldn’t solve this problem. She was the advocate in the pack – meaning the communicator – so I looked at ‘loquacity’ and passionate in the repertory and discovered that the remedy Lachasis helped her calm down quite a lot.

I have noticed certain species of animals tend to display certain constitutional traits. For example:

Golden retrievers are dependable creatures of habit, so the Calc. Carb. remedy tends to help them, particularly with joint problems.

Flat coated retrievers – who are very affectionate and want everyone to love them – have a tendency to phantom pregnancies due to too much oestrogen – leading to a need to nurture – Pulsatilla will work every time.

How to keep your pet healthy naturally and at no extra cost

As a natural health practitioner, I always advocate:

  • keep their diet and lifestyle as natural as possible, in line with how they survive in the wild: Raw food (meaty bones and tripe for dogs, raw minced meat and chopped raw liver and kidneys occasionally for cats). I have discovered it’s actually cheaper to feed this way.
  • No chemicals such as vaccines and flea drops. You will notice that if you feed them alkalising natural foods, they will be less prone to fleas and ticks – as I have mentioned in previous articles – these pests are only there when there are toxins.

Conditions common nowadays in pets such as cancer, diabetes, and joint problems are all due to toxic overload, which will be avoided with my suggested regime. And there are many animal experts that will verify this:

Are you waiting for the ambulance to pick you up?


Following the recent news that the NHS are already predicting a system break-down this winter in its emergency services, surely isn’t it time we re-thought the overall strategy we take about our health?

We are encouraged to only seek professional help once there are definite signs of illness. But for different people this can mean different things: People range from a small number known as ‘heart sink’ patients by doctors that do not have any physical pathology, but suffer from a range of issues from anxiety to loneliness that take up the majority of doctors time. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who remain in total denial of blatant health warning signals, until they have to dial 999.

So the net result of our state system , which is designed to manage sickness rather than enable better health, is unsatisfactory and stressful for doctors and patients alike.

Instead, how about a system that ensures life-long good health and well-being so that we never get to the stage of reaching a health crisis? This would put all of us in a better position to not even expect illness, be it chronic or acute. Surely this is what we really want for ourselves and our families?

Although the government has made moves towards sickness prevention by telling people how to live their lives through public health campaigns – but as the 5 a day campaign proved, has not been as effective in improving of overall public health as expected. 

The homeopathic medical system  offers a different approach: Practitioners welcome clients at whatever stage they feel that their physical or mental well-being is not as it should be in order to live the life that they wish. This is because it treats the person (so that they can overcome any disease state) and not the illness on its own. It is therefore not necessary to have a diagnosis in order to benefit from treatment, even though we always advise a diagnosis from the doctor if there are malignant symptoms.

Many people who have had homeopathic treatment report increased energy and  generally more positive and inspired outlook in life. When our mind and body is in balance, we function in a more effortless way. But more importantly not only does constitutional treatment enable the body to overcome current illness, we are less likely to develop illness. This therefore ensures better health in the long-term and less anxiety about unexpected illness like a ‘bolt out of the blue’.

My aim for the patients that I treat, is to EMPOWER them in their own health, so that they are their own expert, leading to less anxiety and less reliance on external services to achieve their maximum health potential.

One way that I achieve this is to inform the patient about their particular homeopathic ‘constitutional type’. This is so they can understand their tendencies, issues and weak spots both emotionally and physically. Thus the patient is able to make the right choices to enhance their health and well-being. Remember: one-size does not fit all – you become your own expert, while other become theirs.

I believe anyone interested in health should consider this new paradigm:

To move away from a ‘sickness industry’,  profiteering in long-term and/or expensive medication to ‘manage’ illness towards a wellness industry, that enhances the individual’s health so that illness, chronic or acute is no longer prevalent.




How to look 10 years younger tip #2


Losing weight the holistic way

Are you the type of person who has had difficulty in losing weight or gained a few pounds over the years? For women, the classic time is after they have had children – I know it was like that for me! Not only can it make us look older, but when weight is in excess, it can make us feel physically unwieldy, less agile and active. This can then put a strain on our general fitness and put more pressure on joints and thus can have a knock-on effect on our general well-being.

Many people in this predicament have probably discovered that dieting does not help in the long-term. It is using a mind-over-matter approach whereby we assert will-power over what we would naturally chose to eat. That’s fine for a day, but unsustainable in the longer term, because we make our choices with our emotions and justify them later with our minds – too late if you’ve already eaten that cream-cake! In addition, this approach impairs our relationship with food, whereby we switch off from the signals of our body’s natural intelligence – which knows exactly what type of nutrition your body needs each moment of the day – to access this, we do need to eat what feels right (not what you think is right). See Will Supplements make me Healthier?

Similarly I urge caution with crash diets, particularly the ‘Lighter Life’ that GP’s advocate. This involves substituting all natural food with synthesized nutrition powders. Not only do the above problems occur, but because the body is forced to burn it’s own fat due to a starvation strategy. This in turn releases many toxins into the blood stream as the real reason that weight is put on is mainly to store toxic waste that the body cannot shift (keeping it away from the vital organs). This can then cause major health problems including gallstones in the gallbladder and liver, MS, cancer to name a few.

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to this problem, whereby the mind and body are two sides of the same coin:

In order to break the cycle of eating more than the body needs, we have to look at the mental and emotional tendencies that your particular constitution type has. In my practice I have discovered some  common reasons why different constitutional types will put on weight:

  • The emotionally insecure type –  which could be caused hostile relationships with parents or partner. A feeling of lack of nurturing and dwelling on the past this person builds a ‘protective layer’ around them to avoid being hurt.
  • The physically vulnerable  type – want to build up reserves for the future (like Pooh Bear storing his honey). These people also feel over-exposed in the public arena and feel safer in the background. Problems can occur when there has been a physical shock, such as a car accident or sudden loss of money.
  • The connoisseur type – like the best of everything so become gluttonous for the finer things in life. They feel indignant and disappointed when they can’t have what they desire – they could be shopping addicts for example.
  • The disappointed  type –  will eat to fill a never-satisfied hole when disappointed. They could also swallow down their emotional problems with smoking. It’s a way to keep their emotions under control, as they tend to react to circumstances when things don’t turn out for the best.
  • The possessive type – Someone who can be mistrustful of others so hoards and takes things for themselves when they feel insecure. One boy who came to be treated in my clinic had been described as an ‘aggressive feeder’ when a breast feeding new-born had this type of constitution. The rubric for this is: grasping greedily with both hands anything offered to him.

So one can see that a sub-consciously driven agenda can sabotage a healthy relationship with food. With the correct homeopathic treatment, whilst the personality still remains, the dysfunctional behaviour is eliminated and the person is able to act upon the body’s natural intelligence through a healthy appetite. This will enable your body to become the best it can, attractive and healthy.