Coming to the rescue with Homeopathy


Many people become converts to homeopathy when they experience how fast and effective homeopathy can act in first-aid situations. After all, the ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’.This article is not intended to negate medical or paramedical help, but can show how having a few key remedies to hand can sometimes make a huge difference in an acute health situation – in some cases life-saving.

This information can be very empowering for a non-medical person whether you are a parent, pet owner, in potentially dangerous situations (including driving a car) or you are abroad. Inexpensive homeopathic remedies could turn a fraught situation into a manageable one.

My proviso is that if the symptoms persist or recur, then professional help could be needed. A  homeopath will individualise the remedy for the patient, according to the whole picture mind/body/spirit, in order to resolve the symptom’s maintaining causes. See “There is no such thing as a Chronic Condition”.

Here are some commonly needed a remedies, with the types of situations where they would be useful.

Dosage: My advice is to take one or two tablets, but don’t continue as the remedy acts as a catalyst to stimulate the body’s healing action. If the remedy is therefore not the correct match, it could effect the actual symptoms of the remedy.

  • Aconite: is a good remedy when chills, fevers, coughs, croup etc. come with a rapid onset. Also a great remedy for mental/emotional fright or shock after bad news, or an accident.
  • Apis: Can be used for various types of oedemous swelling and inflammation caused by animal or insect bites and stings.
  • Arnica: It is basically for any physical shock or trauma. Give first in any accident or injury, for bruises, bumps and bangs. Use in ointment where the skin is unbroken, if broken use Calendula or Hypercal. Never to be used on open wounds. Also works well for nosebleed. Arnica promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues; helps control bleeding and reduce pain. It can be taken before and after dental extractions and any other surgery. It has anti-thrombotic properties and is very good for rehabilitation after strokes and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

       My Grandfather, after suffering a mini-stroke had become very withdrawn. After a single dose of Arnica, said he felt like his old self within a day.

  • Arsenicum: One of the leading remedies for diarrhea, especially from food poisoning and flu. It is a perfect remedy to relieve “upset tummy” from unfamiliar foods.
  • Belladonna: Good for acute fevers and sunstroke. Much heat, redness and burning usually with dilated pupils. Symptoms appear suddenly.

An acquaintance of mine once suddenly developed anaphylactic shock after eating contaminated food in India. Her symptoms which included sudden swelling of the throat were very frightening. Luckily there was a homeopath in the restaurant and managed to administer belladonna, which quickly acted within minutes

  • Calcarea Carb.: for slow difficult teething in children.
  • Carbo Veg.: is a No. 1 Remedy for resuscitation. It is also called the “Homeopathic corpse reviver”. This remedy has saved many lives. Symptoms at their most extreme are complete state of collapse due to oxygen starvation. Body is cold, pale or blue.
  • Calendula: It is nature’s own natural antibiotic and also stops bleeding very well. Use in an ointment form for open wounds, cuts, sores, burns, and similar injuries. Helps relieve infection.
  • Cantharis: For burns, particularly ones that blister.
  • Chamomila: A favorite child’s remedy particularly for ear ache and teething.
  • China: for dehydration. Complaints often arise after loss of fluids / severe dehydration (e.g. after fever or diarrhea).
  • Cocculus: For sea sickness and travel sickness.
  • Colocynth: For colic, tummy aches, diarrhea.
  • Hepar Sulphuricum: For sore throats, or loss of voice.
  • Hypericum: Have great anti-tetanus properties. For injuries to parts with high nerve fibres such as the mouth, tongue, fingers, etc. Great for the “caught the finger in the car door” or any other “crush” injuries. For paper cuts, it closes them up immediately.
  • Ignatia: It is one of the most useful remedies for “emotional first aid”, and works wonders for any emotional upsets, shocks, and traumas.
  • Ipecac: For nausea and vomiting.
  • Kali Bichromicum: Excellent remedy for colds and sinusitis.
  • Ledum: is a very good remedy for puncture wounds and black eyes. It also can be used to treat deep wounds and bites from both animals and insects. This remedy also has anti-tetanus properties.
  • Magnesium Phos: Known as the Homoeopathic aspirin. Very effective If crushed in warm water and sipped. Is useful for neuralgia of the face, cramping or shooting pains, relieves headaches, toothaches, earaches and especially menstrual pain.
  • Nux Vomica: For indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and hangover headaches. It is a major remedy for first aid situations, especially those affecting the digestive system. Can also be taken for travel sickness.
  • Silicea: is a very good remedy for forcing foreign bodies like splinters, thorns, glass, etc., out of the body. Do not use if you have anything artificial in your body like a new hip joint, pace maker, grommets, implants, metal pins, etc. as it may cause rejection.

Many people find that pre-packed remedy kits invaluable addition to their bathroom cabinet or first-aid boxes. I usually recommend Helios Pharmacy, and here is a link to purchase their kits:

Helios Pharmacy First-Aid Kits

Please feel free to circulate this information to friends and family, it may make all the difference..


Maintain vitality in your pets and avoid large vet’s bills with homeopathy and a natural diet

The great thing about homeopathy is that it works beautifully on animals and they are a lot easier to prescribe for. Why? Because they act out what they feel, because like small children, they only live in the present. They ‘wear their heart on their sleeve’ so their behaviour is usually telling as to what they are thinking and feeling. I’m not allowed to charge for services as I’m not a qualified vet, I do end up giving remedies to my friends, family and patients for their pets.

Here are a few examples of some recent cases:

A Depressed Jack Russel Dog

Taffy, who was normally a very lively cheeky chappie had suddenly become very depressed and showed no interest in life anymore. This happened after his owner had gone back to work in the day-time, so spent many hours locked in the kitchen. He managed to escape quite a few times, and once the owner had to drive to central London to pick him up from Battersea Dogs home. The symptoms I prescribed upon were Fear of Narrow Spaces; Vivacious; Desires to escape. The remedy was Lachasis – as he needed to express himself and excessive confinement did not allow him to do this. Needless to say after the remedy, the owner did not know whether to thank me or curse me, as the depressed animal became very lively again and up to his normal antics!

A tabby cat with gastroenteritis

I had observed my friend’s cat for some time and commented on how dictatorial, fastidious and restless he was. He was constantly demanding to be let in and then let out again. When he was being stroked, he insisted that it had to be done in a certain way (dictatorial). When he developed chronic gastroenteritis, leaving trails of feces round the house (sorry to be so graphic), it was obvious which remedy would help him – Arsenicum. After one dose the physical problems stopped and  he actually became more laid back and less demanding.

A Somali cat (pedigree) with cysts.

When our cat, Honey, injured himself – which was on a regular basis as he will fight quite a bit, his skin would not granulate and heal properly. What then happened was that a cyst would form under the skin, and then burst, which would have to, in severe cases, be stitched up. The remedy I gave him was silica, which is  renowned for slow healing wounds. Nowadays Honey has no cysts – which saves a fortune at the vets, even though he’s still fighting with other cats, as his cauliflower ears will attest to!

A Labrador-cross dog who barked too much.

Our dog Poppy was is a very exuberant dog who is very vocal. As she is part German-Shephard and being raw-food fed which gives her extra vitality this wasn’t surprising. We were however getting complaints from the neighbours about her incessant barking, and although reasonably trained, we couldn’t solve this problem. She was the advocate in the pack – meaning the communicator – so I looked at ‘loquacity’ and passionate in the repertory and discovered that the remedy Lachasis helped her calm down quite a lot.

I have noticed certain species of animals tend to display certain constitutional traits. For example:

Golden retrievers are dependable creatures of habit, so the Calc. Carb. remedy tends to help them, particularly with joint problems.

Flat coated retrievers – who are very affectionate and want everyone to love them – have a tendency to phantom pregnancies due to too much oestrogen – leading to a need to nurture – Pulsatilla will work every time.

How to keep your pet healthy naturally and at no extra cost

As a natural health practitioner, I always advocate:

  • keep their diet and lifestyle as natural as possible, in line with how they survive in the wild: Raw food (meaty bones and tripe for dogs, raw minced meat and chopped raw liver and kidneys occasionally for cats). I have discovered it’s actually cheaper to feed this way.
  • No chemicals such as vaccines and flea drops. You will notice that if you feed them alkalising natural foods, they will be less prone to fleas and ticks – as I have mentioned in previous articles – these pests are only there when there are toxins.

Conditions common nowadays in pets such as cancer, diabetes, and joint problems are all due to toxic overload, which will be avoided with my suggested regime. And there are many animal experts that will verify this:

Enable your Child’s full potential with Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy for children #01Classical homeopathic treatment is able to balance a child’s individual constitution, which can enhance their growth and development.

We are all born with unique DNA that determines how our particular body functions physically, mentally and emotionally. We can see familiarities in relatives that show this phenomena. What this means is that we all have particular personality tendencies and physical features that determine which circumstances physical or emotional we struggle with or find easy. It is these tendencies that a classical homeopath prescribes for in order to ‘get to the bottom’ of chronic or acute illness. The theory behind it is that people only get ill when their systems are not able to cope with certain physical or emotional circumstances. Usually, illness can be traced back to a particular event that the patient could not quite cope with. These events or circumstances may seem important to some people but if that constitution finds it difficult to adapt to, then this can trigger illness.

Once the constitution is in balance, the intensity, duration and recurrence of illness lessens, because the system is more able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Reassuringly, homeopathy, as a dilute preparation, does not introduce harmful chemicals into your child’s body, but rather gently stimulates their systems to get ‘back on track’.

Homeopathy for children #02

Case: A 10 year old Anxious Child

Beth was a robust and down to earth child. She found making friends easy and had an uncomplicated nature. She did, however suffer acute anxiety about going upstairs or being in bed on her own. She would imagine monsters under the bed. She was also very worried about her older sister starting secondary school, as she felt that she was too small to cope with the bus journey and the large new environment. This condition was starting to cause problems for her and her family so they tried homeopathy. Her constitutional remedy helps people who are most concerned about the ‘big bad world’, and feel they need to protect themselves primarily in the physical sense. Issues such as moving house, losing money and going to a new environment as well as the dangers of contamination tend to be trigger factors for this constitutional type.

Beth started to allay her fears so much so that within a month she had no anxiety about going to bed on her own and no longer worried about other members of her family.

To this day, Beth is now a confident child that can cope much easier with her changing environment.

Homeopathy for children #03

Case: A 5 year old with persistant colds

Madeleine was a pretty and cute little girl, who was looking quite poorly that day, as she had had a cold for two weeks and didn’t seem to be getting better. Despite looking drained and ill, she proceeded to play very nicely in my clinic, looking over every so often to check that she met with my apppoval. She had had friendship problems at school recently. The remedy I gave her helps people who are nurturing but also wants nurturing themselves. Once way they do this is by making sure they come across as a ‘loveable’ type.

After the dose, the mother reported that the next day Madeleine had an emotional outburst, but then started to feel better until her full recovery 2 days later. As I had suspected, the cause of illness had been a bottled up upset. The remedy had enabled her to release the emotion, which had blocked her immune system, so that she could make a full recovery.

Homeopathy for children #04

Case: a 3 year old with difficult behaviour

Joe was pale, thin boy who was suffering from severe constipation, only going every 3-4 days. His mother was getting worn out, as he was very demanding and clingy, following her round the house calling ‘mummy’. Although he could socialise nicely, he would revert to childish behaviour and tantrums when he was not getting his own way. Contributing factors were that his mother had suffered stress and depression during and post-nataly, as she felt unsupported by her relatives. In these situations, there can be a transference of feelings from parent to child. The constitutional remedy I prescribed is for people who feel that they are weak and helpless mentally and physically. They fear for the future in case something comes up that they can’t cope with. When they feel compromised, they will ither keep themselves to themselves for fear of disturbance, or cling to others.

A month after treatment I received the following email:

“Joe is quite a different boy since we saw you. He regularly used the potty and the toilet and takes no prescription medicines for constipation anymore. He is slightly better with his eating and his temperament is much better. He still has his defiant streak and will whack us if he is cross but the main breakthrough was the toilet issues. I just wanted to thank you for seeing him and for the remedy as it clearly did the trick!” Mrs B, Ashstead

Homeopathy for children #05

Case: a moody 11 year old

Kate was a healthy 11 year old girl, who had had the odd bladder infection and tummy upset but no serious conditions. She was very intelligent and self-contained, but sometimes very shy and timid when meeting new people or situations. She had, however, the tendency to flare up in anger or be overly upset by other people on a regular basis, which spoilt an otherwise happy family life. On further questioning, the upset behaviour came about when she had ‘lost face’ in some way, or she felt she had been put down. For example, losing a family game of monopoly would put her in a rage. The remedy I prescribed helps people who need to be valued. They are therefore very sensitive about situations that could shed a poor light on them. They take things personally when they are contradicted in some way, because they feel that what they stand (or their values) is who they are. This constitutional type would do badly after losing a job, money or friends.

After treatment, Kate calmed down dramatically within a week. Now she shows the positive aspects of her constitutional type which is that she is a high flyer and will always put 110% effort into activities that she feels she gives the greatest value. recently she was offered a place at Oxford University.

Homeopathy for children #06

Case: a hyperactive, overweight 5 year boy.

George was a lively, yet overweight boy, who had an enormous appetite. He had been described as an ‘aggressive feeder’ at birth. Physical ailments included regular colds and sore fingers, lips and nose, which he constantly picked. There was also a question mark over his hearing tests. His parents were also concerned because he was complaining about school every day, partly because he felt that learning was boring so that he was getting behind on his reading and writing, and partly because he seemed to have a lot of problems with friendships.

George’s constitutional remedy helps people who tend to suffer insecurity, which makes them possessive and suspicious about whether others may take something away from them. This makes them want to ‘take as much as they can’, just in case. Hyperactivity and attention deficit is associated with this state, as it can be triggered when babies are trying to make a connection with their mothers and feel they are not succeeding.

After treatment, George initially physically discharged via a stomach bug, because his physical system felt ‘overloaded’. His parents noticed that his appetite when down, so that he only ate when hungry. Most pleasingly, however, was that George was now positively enjoying school and concentrating sufficiently enough to substantially improve his skills. He also was not complaining about his friends, as he was no longer feeling issues around them.

Homeopathy for children #07

Case: a 7 year-old boy with food intolerences and asthma

Sebastian had always had an intolerance to diary, which was now cut out of his diet. Since last summer, however, he had developed asthmatic symptoms and regularly use an inhaler. He found indoor swimming very difficult as his chest felt very tight in the chlorine gas filled air. Allergies, excema and asthma are all due to toxic overload, so that the body because very intolerant to it’s surroundings. In other words his body was unable to release the toxins in the body via the liver.

On further questioning it seemed that he had had a tough time settling into his new prep school the previous year. Because he was a very sensible and quiet child, the teacher had sat him next to a troublesome boy, who kept stealing his things. the teacher believed that Sebastian’s good behaviour would ‘rub off’ on the boy with bad behaviour. Similarly, other boys were also verbally bullying him. In these situations Sebastian was suppressing his upset and resentment, as he was trying to be nice and sensible. It seemed very unfair to him that other people could act unreasonably when he was being so nice. His mother was concerned that his drawing depicted lots of scenes of war and monsters. It was obvious that he needed to express his internal conflicts. I spoke to him about connecting with how he feels about things in any situation and not put those feelings in the cupboard in order to let his mind run his life, as those feelings will not go away and turn to resentment if not listened to.

The remedy I gave him helps people who tend not to express and act through their feelings, and instead, choose to be objective and reasonable about everything. They then become more sensitive about what other people say or do to them that is unreasonable, as it’s not their way. As a result they tend to dwell on past disagreements, which can eventually become toxic, because feelings, like a river, should flow and then be let go of. Since the body reflects the subconscious, it will also retain toxins in the same way the person retains and not release his feelings.

Within hours after the treatment, the mother emailed me to say that Sebastian commented on how ‘light’ his body felt, as if it wasn’t there and did a drawing of a long line of people holding hands. A week later, he was coming out of school with a broad grin on his face – something his mother had not seen before. She also noticed how much better his complexion looked, no longer pale, but rosy. After one month the asthmatic symptoms were gone, as the body had discharged all the toxins, as he was no longer retaining his feelings.

The Topic of Cancer


was the title of a recent instructive success story book written by Jessica Richards who, after being diagnosed with cancer, decided to follow her instincts and logic and use natural healing methods rather than allow herself to be funneled down the conventional treatment route.

This article is written, not to dissuade patients away from conventional diagnosis or treatment, but to offer a wider range of possibilities that can be used in conjunction with treatment, or as a preventative, so that you no longer have to live in fear of cancer. 

The topic of cancer is a very thorny subject, one could say a taboo subject that no health professional, apart from those serving the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to have an opinion on or give information about in mainstream media. So much so, the November 2013 special cancer edition of “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” magazine was sought to be banned by Dr Simon Singh and the pharma-serving Nightingale collaboration. One could however argue, that if the conventional treatments were so great, then why has the incidence of cancer multiplied over the last 40 year from one in 10 in the 1970’s to one in three, rising to one in two today? The official line is that we are living longer – but frankly the statistics do not stack up!

As a result, most of the population are unaware or mistrustful of the many viable alternatives to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that have been discovered and developed by doctors, medical researchers and natural therapists.  I would like to summarise many of the discoveries and findings into a simple insight about why we and animals kept in captivity or as pets succumb to cancer:

Too many toxins (oxidants) in our body create an acidic, anaerobic environment in certain parts of our body,  in which normal cells cannot survive. What then happens is that the body goes into ‘plan B’ survival mode, by creating cancer cells that are non-differentiated stem cells that can survive the lack of oxygen, which have a special protein on them, instructing the immune system: “Do not eliminate me, I have a special dispensation to access all areas and am not subject to the normal rules and regulations that cells have to abide be in this body, because I have to help this body survive in these toxic circumstances”. Like the ‘A’ team – they may have unconventional methods but they are actually the Good Guys!

The conventional interpretation of this activity is that the DNA is faulty and that is the disease to be eliminated. Let me remind you, however, all that DNA is the cells software enabling it to adapt to changing circumstances – nature never makes mistakes, it only adapts. When you know the full story behind cancer, then it all makes sense.

So a more effective way to tackle cancer is not to remove the resultant tumour as this is only an indicator that there is something wrong with the body’s internal environment (see Are you treating the cause of your illness) but by improving that environment in order to makes us better. This can be done in the following ways:

1. Through an alkalising diet, cutting out red meat, reducing other meats, wheat and diary primarily and introducing raw fruit and veg. In the case of cats and dogs the primary cause of cancer is manufactured pet foods which contain padding agent such as cereals, which their digestive system cannot tolerate. Instead give them raw foods.

Dr Simonichi, an oncologist in Italy scanned cancer patients and discovered that the localised area where tumours were growing were too acidic. He then developed a therapy using baking soda to alkalise the body.

2. Eliminate chemicals from the environment and diet.

3. Most importantly for humans,  is resolving mental and emotional traumas.

Dr Hamer, a German doctor contracted cancer after the death of his son. He made investigations and discovered a lesion in the brain that corresponds to the cancer. He found that after resolving his issue that he should have saved his son’s life by talking to his wife, the cancer went into remission. He then treated 7,000 cancer patients in this way, as the theory he proved was that all cancer patients had had some kind of trauma, but did not discuss it with anyone in order to resolve it. Out of the 7000 patients, 6,000 are still alive after 20 years of the treatment. When the mind is ‘chewing over’ unfinished business the ‘mental food’ i.e. thoughts remain undigested and just like undigested food in the digestive tract, it will ferment and start to be a source of toxicity. Toxic thoughts lead to a toxic body. This is also where homeopathy can help.

The work that I do with patients is to help them resolve past traumas with a remedy that matches how they see things. By doing so, we can start to see things from a better viewpoint which enables us to resolve our internal conflicts.

One of the typical scenarios in cancer patients is feeling hurt, aggrieved and indignant by past events and people, including in childhood. Here are some of the many symptoms I would use to find the remedy that would resolve this way of being:

Ailments from Grief

Dwelling on past disagreeable occurrences

Ailments from wounded honour

Ailments from anger with silent grief

Ailments from anger with indignation

Hatred of those who have offended them

When the patient takes the remedy that best matches their internal dialogue, it helps them get out of this state and they can start to see the bigger picture more clearly. They are able to see things from the other persons point of view, in particular the perpetrator of their wounds. It will become more obvious that in those situations actions were done by others out of ignorance, usually due to their conditioning, rather wanting to willfully do harm to them.

Further information:


Surviving Family politics at Christmas

“If you think you’re enlightened, then visit your family at the week-end!” – Ram Dass

Many clients tell me how difficult family relationships have affected them at various points in their lives. As adults, we start to have control who we spend time with and who influences us in our lives, but Christmas time is the one time where obligations overrule those choices.

Homeopathy always makes connections with our emotional well-being and our physical complaints. The body reflects our subconscious and will always try to express what you are consciously trying to repress. It’s as if it’s saying “I’m going to express this hurt/anger/upset (fill in the blank) if you don’t!”. So it is important to heal old upsets to ensure future health and well-being.

Our usual response to others when they misjudge us or don’t give us the respect we deserve is to direct anger and judgement towards them – this then creates dramas between people as the battle zones are drawn up. After many years those zones becomes entrenched and you no longer see them as thinking/feeling humans but more as one-dimensional pantomime villains. One common rubric I use to find a remedy for a client in such situations is ‘dwelling on past disagreeable occurrences’.

The holistic way of approaching this matter is to see that people and situations that happen ‘to us’ are a mirror to ourselves. No, it doesn’t mean that you are a horrible person, it just means that you are not judging yourself correctly. To illustrate this, when you feel on top of the world or in love you temporally become immune to adverse circumstances/people in your life. It would be even more beneficial if this was a permanent state of affairs.

I was reminded of this myself a couple of years ago. I used to find myself regularly in situations such as social gatherings where relative strangers would suddenly ‘attack’ me because I was a homeopath.  Their accusations were that I was doing very dangerous things to people such as giving them false hope and telling them not to take medication, whilst taking their money. This stirred up feelings of guilt and victimisation because I had not initiated the argument.

I knew I had to stop being angry and upset with the person, as this would perpetuate the drama inside me. Instead I let the situation tell me what I believed about myself that didn’t help me – which was that I felt responsible for other’s feelings and well-being, and I was scared if they were not happy with me. Once I could see this belief that I held clearly, it became obvious to me that it simply wasn’t true. Then it became easy to ditch this belief about myself, which made me feel much lighter and freer in all encounters with other people. I no longer had to engineer my circumstances in life so much in order to feel ok.

I work with my clients to help eliminate their emotional buttons, so that they become immune to the dramas that others wish to engage in. In doing so it can be seen that there is no need to improve ourselves (as many self-help books advocate), because once we get rid of our false beliefs of who we are meant to be, we see that we are already perfect! then we can start redefining who we really want to be – see Are you getting what you want out of life?

So one path to heal old upsets that have never been resolved is to allow yourself to be out of your emotional comfort-zone AKA Christmas family gatherings and use this as a learning tool to overcome past traumas and incorrect beliefs about yourself.

Are you waiting for the ambulance to pick you up?


Following the recent news that the NHS are already predicting a system break-down this winter in its emergency services, surely isn’t it time we re-thought the overall strategy we take about our health?

We are encouraged to only seek professional help once there are definite signs of illness. But for different people this can mean different things: People range from a small number known as ‘heart sink’ patients by doctors that do not have any physical pathology, but suffer from a range of issues from anxiety to loneliness that take up the majority of doctors time. At the other end of the spectrum there are people who remain in total denial of blatant health warning signals, until they have to dial 999.

So the net result of our state system , which is designed to manage sickness rather than enable better health, is unsatisfactory and stressful for doctors and patients alike.

Instead, how about a system that ensures life-long good health and well-being so that we never get to the stage of reaching a health crisis? This would put all of us in a better position to not even expect illness, be it chronic or acute. Surely this is what we really want for ourselves and our families?

Although the government has made moves towards sickness prevention by telling people how to live their lives through public health campaigns – but as the 5 a day campaign proved, has not been as effective in improving of overall public health as expected. 

The homeopathic medical system  offers a different approach: Practitioners welcome clients at whatever stage they feel that their physical or mental well-being is not as it should be in order to live the life that they wish. This is because it treats the person (so that they can overcome any disease state) and not the illness on its own. It is therefore not necessary to have a diagnosis in order to benefit from treatment, even though we always advise a diagnosis from the doctor if there are malignant symptoms.

Many people who have had homeopathic treatment report increased energy and  generally more positive and inspired outlook in life. When our mind and body is in balance, we function in a more effortless way. But more importantly not only does constitutional treatment enable the body to overcome current illness, we are less likely to develop illness. This therefore ensures better health in the long-term and less anxiety about unexpected illness like a ‘bolt out of the blue’.

My aim for the patients that I treat, is to EMPOWER them in their own health, so that they are their own expert, leading to less anxiety and less reliance on external services to achieve their maximum health potential.

One way that I achieve this is to inform the patient about their particular homeopathic ‘constitutional type’. This is so they can understand their tendencies, issues and weak spots both emotionally and physically. Thus the patient is able to make the right choices to enhance their health and well-being. Remember: one-size does not fit all – you become your own expert, while other become theirs.

I believe anyone interested in health should consider this new paradigm:

To move away from a ‘sickness industry’,  profiteering in long-term and/or expensive medication to ‘manage’ illness towards a wellness industry, that enhances the individual’s health so that illness, chronic or acute is no longer prevalent.




How to look 10 years younger tip #2


Losing weight the holistic way

Are you the type of person who has had difficulty in losing weight or gained a few pounds over the years? For women, the classic time is after they have had children – I know it was like that for me! Not only can it make us look older, but when weight is in excess, it can make us feel physically unwieldy, less agile and active. This can then put a strain on our general fitness and put more pressure on joints and thus can have a knock-on effect on our general well-being.

Many people in this predicament have probably discovered that dieting does not help in the long-term. It is using a mind-over-matter approach whereby we assert will-power over what we would naturally chose to eat. That’s fine for a day, but unsustainable in the longer term, because we make our choices with our emotions and justify them later with our minds – too late if you’ve already eaten that cream-cake! In addition, this approach impairs our relationship with food, whereby we switch off from the signals of our body’s natural intelligence – which knows exactly what type of nutrition your body needs each moment of the day – to access this, we do need to eat what feels right (not what you think is right). See Will Supplements make me Healthier?

Similarly I urge caution with crash diets, particularly the ‘Lighter Life’ that GP’s advocate. This involves substituting all natural food with synthesized nutrition powders. Not only do the above problems occur, but because the body is forced to burn it’s own fat due to a starvation strategy. This in turn releases many toxins into the blood stream as the real reason that weight is put on is mainly to store toxic waste that the body cannot shift (keeping it away from the vital organs). This can then cause major health problems including gallstones in the gallbladder and liver, MS, cancer to name a few.

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to this problem, whereby the mind and body are two sides of the same coin:

In order to break the cycle of eating more than the body needs, we have to look at the mental and emotional tendencies that your particular constitution type has. In my practice I have discovered some  common reasons why different constitutional types will put on weight:

  • The emotionally insecure type –  which could be caused hostile relationships with parents or partner. A feeling of lack of nurturing and dwelling on the past this person builds a ‘protective layer’ around them to avoid being hurt.
  • The physically vulnerable  type – want to build up reserves for the future (like Pooh Bear storing his honey). These people also feel over-exposed in the public arena and feel safer in the background. Problems can occur when there has been a physical shock, such as a car accident or sudden loss of money.
  • The connoisseur type – like the best of everything so become gluttonous for the finer things in life. They feel indignant and disappointed when they can’t have what they desire – they could be shopping addicts for example.
  • The disappointed  type –  will eat to fill a never-satisfied hole when disappointed. They could also swallow down their emotional problems with smoking. It’s a way to keep their emotions under control, as they tend to react to circumstances when things don’t turn out for the best.
  • The possessive type – Someone who can be mistrustful of others so hoards and takes things for themselves when they feel insecure. One boy who came to be treated in my clinic had been described as an ‘aggressive feeder’ when a breast feeding new-born had this type of constitution. The rubric for this is: grasping greedily with both hands anything offered to him.

So one can see that a sub-consciously driven agenda can sabotage a healthy relationship with food. With the correct homeopathic treatment, whilst the personality still remains, the dysfunctional behaviour is eliminated and the person is able to act upon the body’s natural intelligence through a healthy appetite. This will enable your body to become the best it can, attractive and healthy.

How to eliminate Stress in your Life.


“COMBAT STRESS” was the instruction on a car bumper sticker I saw recently. We all know about stress in this day and age and none of us want it! But how to effectively deal with it when it arises?  So, how do you feel when you know you have to combat something? Yes – stressed out. Is this really the correct strategy to dealing with this problem (or any problem), or does it actually exacerbate it?

STRESS, like all ailments, once given a label, starts to have a character of its own: You know, you’re living your life and minding your own business… and then along comes Mr Stress and ruins it all for you!

When we see things like this, our happiness seems to depend on our external circumstances and more worryingly,  random characters called stress, over whom you have no control, turn up uninvited. Our usual behaviour  to counter our stress is to pamper ourselves, watch TV, make positive affirmations, have a glass of wine – but does this stop the same thing happening again? No, because you haven’t tackled the root of the problem.

To empower ourselves and understand the mechanisms involved we need to first of all know what stress is. It’s actually very simple – it’s an internal resistance to what is currently happening. If we were ok with everything that occurred whether planned or unplanned – AKA going with the flow – we wouldn’t feel stressed at all. And when you think about it logically, exactly what can you do against current circumstances (people, events things)?

So why do we do this to ourselves, if we’re on a ‘hiding for nothing’? It’s because our formative conditioning, which is stored in the subconscious, has a survival manual. The instructions vary from person to person, depending on their childhood experiences and upbringing/genetics.  Certain things are not allowed to happen or should happen in order for you to be safe, in simple terms.

Homeopaths say that there are 3 ways that we resist REALITY and that is either to combat (e.g. over-reactive anger), to grasp (e.g. co-dependant relationships) or to switch-off (e.g. shyness). So the stress has actually been triggered inside of us and not externally, as we are running away from the truth of the situation in the belief that we could ‘control it’. What it in effect does is limit our life-experience – we play the small game due to fear. It then also inhibits our inner wisdom, (your spirit), who wants to play the bigger game – which could lead us to a  far more exhilarating, and fulfilling life.

My teachers, Sanjay and Jogesh Seghal used to demonstrate case taking whereby the opening question would always be “why are you here?” The answer they were looking for was not the description of the disease the patient was suffering from, but what they were resisting about the implications the illness had. A classic case was a man who had bashed his foot and was complaining that it stopped him from going to work – so his real issue was not the pain but the loss of business. The remedy prescribed therefore was not Arnica, but Opium, as they have major concerns about their business. Homeopathy is medicine that mirrors the reason why the Vital Force is blocked (the resistive action that the patient is making) which helps the patient ALLOW rather than RESIST his current condition. This then enables the Vital Force to flow freely again, to fully heal  the body and mind.

A practice that you could try to demonstrate this for yourself:

Next time you feel stressed out just allow all the bad feelings to come up inside you and just ‘sit with them’, without trying ‘to do’ something about it. My experience is that after the initial shock of feelings, a feeling of warmth, connection and even wisdom about the situation can occur. When the Vital Force is allowed to flow again – which happens when we allow LIFE to do it’s thing (regardless of our survival agenda), then things return to order again.

For me Jeff Foster is one of the most potent modern writers about this matter:

“Fall apart completely

Make a mess

Get it all wrong

Open up to your glorious inconsistency

Embrace the perfection

of your fabulous imperfection

And you will be able to say:

I was there!

I was alive!

I was willing!”

– Jeff Foster

Will Supplements make me Healthier?


Recently in the news, doctors have advised caution on nutritional supplements, as these could actually increase health risks, results in conditions such as cancer in certain cases.

A  report indicated that 60% of over 60’s regularly took nutritional supplements, ranging from cod liver oil to vitamins. When asked, many were not, as such, suffering from a condition but felt that it would somehow keep them healthier in older age. The (western) belief is that the more we do/take the better things become.

Holistic medicines regard ill health is not the result of deficiency, but of an imbalance. The ultimate imbalance that can occur within our bodies is in the assimilation and elimination processes.  So how do we know what is right for our bodies to keep this in balance? The answer lies in the body’s intelligence and not in nutritional books that offer a one-size-fits-all solution.  

To illustrate: I treated two small boys recently, both suffering from eczema. The first boy was quite thin, not growing well and reluctant to eat all his meals. He did, however crave dairy and meat products and rejected most fruit and vegetables. The second boy was fairly well-built and although had a good appetite tended to reject dairy and had a strong craving for soft fruits such as strawberries and blueberries.

In both cases, the mothers expressed an anxiety that their sons were not eating an adequate diet, but I could see that their natural choices were totally correct for their constitutional type. The smaller boy had a problem assimilating food, due to an imbalance in the liver, so was choosing high levels of nutrients that required minimal digestion to get maximum growth. The bigger boy’s constitutional weakness was elimination – when the body retains toxins this becomes detrimental to our health and so the boy’s appetite prioritised the most effective antioxidants.

Ultimately, when our constitutions are put back into balance, there is usually a tendency to crave a greater variety of foods, but this can also be dependant of seasons, activities, growth patterns and other factors, including pregnancy, that dictate our current body’s requirement.

Homeopaths, therefore, advise that if the body has not asked for the food/supplement, do not eat it, it will not be right. If the body is overloaded with stuff it has to process, especially synthesised and unnatural products, the eliminative organs will become overloaded which can cause a health problem: toxins that the body cannot eliminate degrade cellular functioning and therefore health.

Many diseases we experience today, are a direct result of us detaching ourselves from our own innate nature ie our inbuilt natural instincts and knowledge, in preference to an external source, which cannot know what you as an individual in your circumstance needs.


Tricky customer? Then act like a homeopathic remedy!


What do you do when you are confronted by a tantrumy toddler, an irrate customer or an uncooperative teenager? Most of us believe that you have to model ‘correct behaviour’ by deliberately acting calmly and talking sensibly to counter ‘bad’ temperaments. The Keep Calm and Carry On approach. Funny though it seems, we don’t always get the results we want and have to end up being offensive or defensive ourselves – They don’t seem to learn from our behaviour and change theirs.

A famous maverick psycotherapist in the 1970’s called R D Laing understood this type of problem and had a unique solution to it. In a famous case, he was treating a woman who suffered from frequent bouts of catatonia – whereby she would be unable to move or speak. So in his consultation with her, he sat there with her for the entire session being motionless and still. He was in effect mimicking her troublesome behaviour. As a result of the session, the patient made a decision, which was to embrace rather than counter her problem. She wanted to use her catatonia as an asset, so signed up to become an artist’s model. After doing this for a while, she experienced a significant shift in her health so much so, the bouts of catatonia all but disappeared and she was deemed cured of her affliction.

This method of handling people is still used today. Psyciatric nurses dealing with patients in potentially dangerous situations, as for example a psycotic person in a public place, will approach the patient whilst mimicking their physical behaviour. This would mean waving their hands around in a frantic manner and moving irratically. Once the patient ‘feels understood’, because the nurse is resonating with them, the they can slowly tone down the  behaviour which will encourage the patient to calm down. This method In Neuro Linguistic Programming is known as Pace Pace Lead.

When we counter something that we think is bad, by doing the opposite, it can actually make is worse – as Carl Jung coined the phrased “Whatever you resist, persists”.

This is at the essence of homeopathy, as we seek to mimic the bad stuff with remedies. This allows it to heal naturally and without effort. When we fully embrace rather than reject anything, it will not take over you life as you might think. Instead, harmony will reign again. To put it another way, if we act in harmony with the world, the world will act in harmony with us.